The ‘H’ religion

And so life goes on for all of us living in Mumbai, less than a month after its most heinous terror attack. The political slapstick comedy continues – AR Antulay joins the long line of our officio’s talking nonsense-hatching up non existent conspiracy theories to create further mayhem amongst a community already in the clutches of panic. Why did he say what he did? Did he really believe what he said? Was it a Diversion tactic? Or just plain stupidity? For fifteen minutes of fame? Is there a bizarre twisted method to this madness? Something none of us are getting?

Our helplessness continues. People are trying to do whatever they can, clutching at straws trying, to show their solidarity, raise their voice, make a difference. Join peace rallies, wear a black badge, form a human chain, come to protest gatherings, light a candle at the window, attend midnight prayer meets, join the jihad against terror, and all that and whatever else anybody can think of.

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India’s 9/11

Why is the terrorist attack on mumbai on 26/11/2008 being turned into a political and celebrity circus? Who cares if Ram Gopal Varma visited the site or what about some bimbo celebrity with full throttle make up and hairstyling, carrying a designer torch to a peace rally has to say? Or which minister has replaced whom? How is that going to improve the situation or bring about any constructive and definitive change?

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I say a prayer

Like everybody else I am still reeling from the aftermath of the terrorist attacks. Five people I know (friends of friends) have died. I just spoke to my best friend Nita a few minutes ago-her voice sounded heavy, the pitch nasal. She can’t shake the sadness away. She has two twin funerals to attend, right after attending a school event at Cathedral.

Her daughter gratefully clings to her side right through the afternoon-she feels lucky and thanks her stars. Lucky because two of her classmates lost both their parents on the night of the 26th of November. Shot dead at point blank range. They never had a chance. Another family friend escaped with three bullets logged in her arm bleeding profusely for eighteen hours after she was shot and before she was led out to safety.

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