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All my Muslim friends trying to garner support for the #notinmyname campaign – where was your voice when Isis or Muslim terrorists have decimated the very fabric of a civilized world and killed thousands and thousands of innocents

Sure Narendra Modi is an easier target than the Isis ape who will chop your head off but can your protests be so lopsided and fanatical?

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Sunanda Pushkar/ Shashi Tharoor

Last night I finally logged on to Republic – day 3 of the channels launch- after reading many social media updates starting around 10 pm to watch the unravelling of the Sunanda Pushkar murder on our screens NOW!  As a woman it’s a case that has always made my bile rise, especially because of the impunity with which those involved have carried on with their flamboyant lives. With scant regard or respect to the plight of the deceased.

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Whatsapp Woes

Remember a time before technology invaded our lives? (You will only know this if you are pre 90’s born of course) Remember reaching home after a long day out & enquiring “Any messages/calls for me?” Jeez, I still have old diaries where messages like “So & so madam called and said to call back after 8 pm” or “So & so Sir called and said tomorrows recording is cancelled” have been hastily scribbled. Sometimes in fountain ink- remember fountain pens?!

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The joke is on him.. Why should I be offended?

I no longer subscribe to newspapers or watch television. The news depresses me – the old adage of no news being good news coming true every time. It’s the same everywhere I look, every page I turn. Filmstars on their PR over drive, Politicians on their one-upmanship drivel, and Oh, not to forget the rapists and rich kids of MLA’s  mowing down the poor and homeless in their BMW’s & jaguars. Same shit, different day. So I stay away from it. Totally

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Some men are so full of sh**! `

Yesterday at a wonderful dinner hosted by a friend I was repeatedly harangued by a rather ugly man with nerdy glasses who claimed to be a financier of Bollywood films. He gave his name & credentials many times but i didnt bother to listen. Kept following me around asking me where I am from and what I do and blah blah. When i requested him to leave me alone he says”I’m only asking because my wife and kid want to know who this wonderful woman is that I am talking to”

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