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All my Muslim friends trying to garner support for the #notinmyname campaign – where was your voice when Isis or Muslim terrorists have decimated the very fabric of a civilized world and killed thousands and thousands of innocents

Sure Narendra Modi is an easier target than the Isis ape who will chop your head off but can your protests be so lopsided and fanatical?

And yes- why you are so quick to announce that Islam is not terrorism every time there is a terror attack on innocents all over the world

and also so quick to announce that any attack whether in retaliation to the atrocities to the Islamic extremists or just plain accident where even a single Muslim is killed is Islamophobia???!!!

i consider myself a liberal person but the direction this biased manipulated narrative is taking is making my blood churl.

Im no gau rakrash supporter but at the the same time do strongly believe that the likes of Zakir Naik and Owasi shld be jailed for life for anti national activity.

The next time i hear about India’s intolerance to Muslims i will seriously advise them to move to Saudi Arabia or any other Islamic state

Many of my dearest friends are of the Islamic faith and i have never thought of them as different from me. Its the same story for every other urban Indian i know-how wr have and will always remain one.

But this new narrative of India being Anti Muslim is bunkum and convenient to political exploiters

Go fight about Syrian girls being made sex slaves in the name of Islam or children being brainwashed into human bombs before you fight against your right to wake up the whole neighborhood with your unnecessarily loud namaaz or your right to eat beef.

Tolerance cannot be a matter of lopsided biased convenience. Tolerance must and should be a matter of humanity and civilized adjustment to every way of life

  1. Jai Ho

10 thoughts on “#notinmyname

  1. Wow! Excellent. Echoes the views of majority of Indians who do not support cow vigilante or lynching but are pained by the narrative of intolerance & branding as ‘lynchistsn’ based on a few unfortunate incidents.

  2. Really good to see a bold review, it’s time that we start calling a spade a spade.This one sided anti Hindu attitude will only help neutral Hindus to loose faith in secularism and become a fanatic as all are watching the media and also the Truth on social media.Its not that old day where u could easily propagate you’r biased opinions thru media bcoz people are watching everything and social media is more powerful .In India speaking anything about Hindus have become communal and same has to be eradicated before India becomes a major IS supporter

  3. Let all these Muslims if so dissatisfied with the Hindus of the country go as refugees to any of the Arab and Muslim countries including Pakistan Sure no country will give refuse to such ill mannered Indian Muslims I remember during one of the communal riots in Mumbai Muslim slum dwellers wanted shelter in close by Muslim dominated buildings But those poor were refused shelter were driven out and finally shelter was offered by Hindu housing colony Will Indian Muslims will dare to act against the rule of the Govt. if they will stay in other country irrespective whether it contradicts Muslim belief. Will Saudi Arabia tolerate this misbehaviour

  4. NotInYourName (or whatevsr) sometimes for a change you should.shed a tear or two over lynching of Hindus too.

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