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Last night I finally logged on to Republic – day 3 of the channels launch- after reading many social media updates starting around 10 pm to watch the unravelling of the Sunanda Pushkar murder on our screens NOW!  As a woman it’s a case that has always made my bile rise, especially because of the impunity with which those involved have carried on with their flamboyant lives. With scant regard or respect to the plight of the deceased.

A woman who is in so much emotional trauma she tries desperately to reach out to the media, to the world, a few hours before she dies and yet no one bothers to find out what exactly happened to her? What exactly caused her untimely death? With the advances we have made in forensic science is that even possible that we do not know yet? Is it even possible we do not know what was administered to the deceased through the many injection marks found in her body via the post mortem report? Really?

It’s a pity that news these days carries nothing but the political narrative. It’s hard to tell fact from fiction but yet we must persist with the truth. The lay man or in my instance the lay woman is not interested in the BJP Vs Congress Vs AAP Vs SP political circus–in fact we consider it a tragedy that politics has invaded our lives so insidiously & annoyingly.

But yes how a woman died in the prime of her life under such mysterious circumstances is something the nation definitely wants to know.

“Former Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh was questioned on 29 January 2015 in the Sunanda Pushkar case.

Singh had told the media that Pushkar was depressed over the IPL fiasco which led to the removal of the Kerala franchise in which she had considerable sweat equity. He added that she had broken down and wanted to reveal information about the IPL controversy to him. But it has not been established that the IPL controversy had anything to do with her death”

I must confess as I watched Republic last night I was a bit disappointed by the platitudes being spouted by some of the panellists on the show. Like the lady from Outlook who was all praises for Arnab and his team but refused to divulge herself who was putting pressure on the media at that point to drop the story. As I was by Arnab’s argument itself often getting the dates and times muddled up.

  1. If the conversation recorded by Prema Sridevi clearly proves Shashi Tharoor returned to the hotel around the time of the murder why is his return not in the CCTv footage of the hotel? If Shashi Tharoor left an important Congress meeting (where all eyes of the media were on him) surely this act would have been recorded on tape at the venue? Were all these tapes destroyed? At who’s behest?
  2. His via media Rahul Eashwar who throughtout the chat stared more at his telephone than made a single sensible remark) states that Sunanda Pushkar had shifted out of room 307 (where she and Shashi had checked in) to the room 345 ( where her body was found) of her own accord and this has been recorded on CCTV footage. Where is that footage or the hotel records? Surely all hotels or institutions are required to furnish all this evidence in an investigation. Why didn’t they?
  3. Dr Sudhir Gupta reiterates that they were not given a clear answer as to who last met the deceased- the most vital clue in cases such as this. All investigations in this regard pointing to Shashi Tharoor himself. If it was true or untrue why is Shashi Tharoor trying to hide it? Why not just clear the matter?
  4. Autopsy report was tampered with. So can we be sure what we are seeing now is the true report?
  5. Why has Sunanda’s son or other family members not pursued the investigation?
  6. Who were the top cops handling this investigation?

Questions are too many. The holes in the story even more. But what I find most puzzling in this entire story is why Shashi Tharoor is more keen on defending himself & exonerating himself from this charge rather than launch (or in this case relaunch) a thorough investigation as to how exactly his wife died and who was behind it.

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