A few nights ago when the *Rahul Gandhi twitter account* hacked controversy took social media by storm I laughed. Almost clutched my stomach and laughed. Congress was obviously getting desperate- after all their anti Demonetisation morchas and spewing venom on Narendra Modi tactics had turned dud again, this was yet another pathetic and most unintelligent stunt to garner some attention and malign the ruling party. They needed to hire a new PR agency pronto. This was all so ridiculously dumbo

And Manmohan Singh spoke on demonetisation – really? Ha ha ha. Maun Vrat toot gaya? 70 saal baad? Wow. Did he have Madam Soniaji’s permission to do so? “Modi Govt is so cruel and inconsiderate” Manmohan singhji insinuated, complaining about how poor people are suffering the effects of demonetisation the most because they don’t have bank accounts. Really Manmohan Singh Ji? But you had a chance to help the poor Indian people get bank accounts from 1972 to 2014- why didn’t you? Oh because you were too busy praying to Indira Gandhi ji’c chappal and allowing Sonia Gandhiji to insult you like a slave even while you were reigning Prime minister? Isnt that how India remained in the backyard of progress? Ofcourse you are a brilliant economist Manmohanji –no body doubts that. But how is it your fault that Soniaji didn’t allow you to do anything no?

Any of you seen that video? The one where Sonia Gandhi snubs Manmohan Singh the then Prime Minister? And we, a whole nation let this woman ,a foreigner, an outsider, treat our Prime Minister, the highest office in our nation like this? What sort of slave culture had rotted the Congress skeleton so deeply as to allow this? Did they have no one who could stand up to this? Not a single national leader of calibre? Not a single upright spine that cared for the nation above their coffers? What a mockery. Even monarchs of monarchies have less power in a democratic social world

When I had watched this video my blood had boiled. This was pre election 2014. Forget economic policy and reform, India needed a change from this dynastic politics that had transformed our nation into a nation of corrupt monkeys and genuflecting slaves.

In this video it is not just our Prime Minister that was insulted but our Country  our sanskaar. In India we don’t treat our elders like this. We can argue with them, disagree with them, fight with them, but we must NEVER disrespect or insult them. EVER. That is a very UnIndian thing. When i saw that video i no longer cared that she had lost her husband in the political wars of India that had garnered all the sympathy in her favour those many years ago when her husband Rajeev Gandhi died.

There are so many other war widows in our country. Wives of army men and soldiers and fighters who go about their lives with quiet dignity. With no megalomanical ambitions of ruling a country and insulting its traditions and looting its heritage. Women who don’t throw their lambs to the wolves so they continue to enjoy the fruit of their unmerited gains. How has this family got away with so much for so long?

Don’t believe me watch the video here

Anyway coming back to the *Rahuhacked* controversy. The tweets from his hacked account were itself priceless- chatterati was having a loud laugh. Like some nasty socialite whispered. “Looks like Rahul Gandhi just got drunk & finally had the guts to speak out against his mother” “ Heard that Rahul Gandhi gave his password to some hacker kid because he finally wants to go back to Italy but his mother is not allowing him. This was his last resort to spite her and quit the Congress”

The outrage from the Congress minions with their heads drowned in 70 years of feudal slavery to the Nehru/ Gandhi family was predictable. Party loyalty is all very well but when one supports leadership of such poor calibre does one have the nations best interests at heart? I have nothing against anybody personally. In fact I find Rahul rather handsome and think he would have been a very successful man is a more creative and artistic environment with a less ambitious mother/family. Like a fashion institute on the foothills of the Alps or a college of creative arts and development in Sevilla. Anyway coming back to the point

The Rahul Hacked issue. A tweet from Khushboo Sundar – a Congress spokesperson-a lady I otherwise admire for her honesty and candour especially on subjects such as women’s issues particularly disturbed me. Where she attacked the BJP for being shameless and vile creatures for hacking the account of her great party leader or some such. Has every body in the Congress party lost all spine and shame? Is there no honesty and integrity left there anymore? Do they have no other leaders of national calibre that they continue to thrust such tripe down our throats? Then when the #Rahulhacked bakwaas backfired they claimed the Congress website was hacked too. I mean seriously? This was turning into a comedy. This party needs a check on reality.

Don’t get me wrong. I am pro or anti no political party. I am merely pro India and totally and fully believe that I have the right to speak my mind. All of us do and let each one of us never forget that. As for the rumour mongering of people who spea their ind being charged with sedition or the fascism that India is gripped under I would say -relax. Everybody is afraid, even our leaders, but it will pass.

Yes demonetisation has hit the poor the greatest and morale is at an all time low. Transition is always painful and the weak and vulnerable will suffer the most. The crooks and swindlers are already starting parallel businesses of black to white conversion. Calls of *Ek khoka chalees taka* & *dus khoka pachees taka* flying around like wildfire.

There are those amongst the BJP itself that are starting parallel black to white conversion trades as the papers tell us– and I hope they are put behind bars. They should be. If this GOVT has an honest agenda anyone within their party ranks or affiliated ranks who falters must be given the severest of punishments so as to set the example for the rest of India. GOI must walk the talk or there will be a revolution- I am happy to lead it if anybody cares to join should that need to happen

But yet and yes I say let’s be patient. Please. Give India a chance above our fears and cynicism. We gave the thieves 70 years- let’s give Narendra Modi a fraction of that. He will transform India and make it a better place- I have no doubt about that. He has no children or family to loot India for- India is his baby. India is his bhakti

Let me give you an example: About five years ago when I was trying to get some local land work/discrepencies sorted out on land I owned on the outskirts of Mumbai I had approached a local Congressman to help me expedite the work. Being a lone woman fighting a solitary battle I was being bullied with threats to life, burning of land etc. Inspite of sticking to my terms of the agreement in full and final. I was running helter skelter and at the end of my tether. The politician I approached for help had barely heard me out while blatantly telling me that his rate to make one phone call (that would bring my case to the desk of the local Panchayat) was 5 lakhs cash. Disgusted I left and spend the next 3 years sorting out my issues in my own honest way and managed to have it resolved with the help of some other good people’s merciful help. I would have named and shamed this Congressman but last heard he had been rushed to hospital with heart murmers after demonetisation was announced and his family has cancelled their foreign holiday much to their dismay and I don’t wish to add to any ones woes so…

On the other hand last year I approached the #SwachBharathcommittee to complain about the unbearable stench of the Lokhandwala Naala near my home. I had even gathered enough local resident support that we would be willing to bear the costs to an affordable degree by making individual contributions from residents of the area who had been suffering the stench for too long. It was an olfactory assault, breathing becoming difficult But the kind officer from Swach Bharath Abhyan assured me that would not be necessary. Within a few weeks, vans were placed in positions, air monitors installed, tests conducted, gutters cleaned and pipes extended. For all those who breathe easier in the Lokhandwala Andheri West area, please thank the #Swachh Bharath Abhyan. And be assured that your tax money is being put to good use.
So mere pyaare Mitron, lets all take a deep breath, think positive and give change some time. We owe it to India.

And Yes Give Congress a chance dear Sonia Ji- please go back to Italy.









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