Why are politics and law and order shamelessly feeding off our cinema?

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Bade hokar hero banoge?

As far as I know or remember for over a decade now the national anthem has been played before every screening of a movie. Right? Everybody has stood up. Proudly. Ever Indian citizen. At least those that were able. Even silencing those that spoke or uttered disrespectful noises during its rendition.

We’ve read with horror in the newspapers about Bhakts who have been retarded enough to beat up/pulverize senior citizens and handicapped unable to pay their obeisance to the national anthem due to physical inability . And tch tched Bollywood actors atrocious singing of the same to promote their films. Yes patriotism cannot and must never be purchased or sold- we all agree. But why this sudden brouhaha now? To give people reason for more violence? More unreasonableness? More unrest?

And more so- why is this jingoism/ national anthem importance only ever attached to cinema? No  other avenue or profession gets you the media attention huh?

So Dear Supreme Court…

I’m going to keep this short and sweet. Never mind that you did not make the watching of porn or *chappal* throwing in parliament inexcusable behaviour or rape of minors punishable by death

What you have mandated rather proudly instead  is for the national anthem to be played at cinema halls at the screening of every film. Slow Claps. Really. It’s a law our country so needed above all else no? especially with all these Pakistani actors acting in Indian movies?

So now that we understand why you so hurriedly passed that law can you also please explain why our parliamentarians should not be forced to sing the national anthem before every session of parliament?

Why every change of shift at every police station across the nation should not be started with the singing of the national anthem?

Why every school office or factory should not be forced to start and end their day with the start of the national anthem?

Why every member of parliament/ local legislative assembly/ municipal body/ BMC or any Govt office should not be compelled to do a one kilometre jog every day outside his office waving the national flag? So as to set a sterling example to the rest of the mortal citizens of this great Indian nation who so badly need to be taught some lessons in patriotism?

Why every MP/ Senior Govt official- especially Supreme Court Judge should not compulsorily have Vande Mataram tattooed on the side of his forehead as a mark of ever dying respect for his/ her great motherland? Surely it’s a small price to pay for the motherland? The Nazi loyalists had the swastika tattoed on their bodies didn’t they?

Jai Hind! or should I say Tutak Tutak Tutiya!

3 thoughts on “Why are politics and law and order shamelessly feeding off our cinema?

  1. Hello Suchitra,
    I discovered that Judiciary and Law Enforcement have great appetite if not thirst for media attention, cognizance. What your very intelligent class mates become? Judges? Lawyers? Now you can understand what class of people have taken up profession of Judiciary and Lawyers.
    With below average IQs, Performances, Achievements these people become greedy of Media atention, cognizance. Importantly they don’t have necessary and sufficient courage and determination to punish Bulls, they want to be ruthless to Cows and Calves. Recently Samsung Chief is arrested for Corruption, bribery. Does These people have courage to arrest Mukesh, Kumar, Gautam Adami?
    Secondly, those are losing on grounds and hence want to win in MEDIA, i.e. in the minds of people.
    They can not put string into the nose of Delhi Polluters, they are just Paper Tigers.
    Crosscheck my comments and decide yourself! Only crooks, criminals feels good in India. If any country is bad, its soil, air, water is not bad but its people running that country are bad. And you too know Law Makers and Judiciary and Law Enforcement runs India. Is it?

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