Some men are so full of sh**! `

Yesterday at a wonderful dinner hosted by a friend I was repeatedly harangued by a rather ugly man with nerdy glasses who claimed to be a financier of Bollywood films. He gave his name & credentials many times but i didnt bother to listen. Kept following me around asking me where I am from and what I do and blah blah. When i requested him to leave me alone he says”I’m only asking because my wife and kid want to know who this wonderful woman is that I am talking to”

He then proceeded to follow me to the terrace , sit right next to me- so close it was almost on my lap. i managed to shoo him away only with the threat of clicking his photograph & uploading it on twitter & facebook asking who this asshole is. “i’m sure your wife and kid will figure who ur talking to then’ I said. ‘Hey relax’ he backed off

Heard later that my lovely hostess had him thrown out of the party. i was obviously not the only ne he was accosting. But he still hovered around, trying to pilie on to anybody and everybody

‘I’m a financier of Bollywood films’ he kept repeating pathetically trying to hand out his card which i refused to take. . “Have you heard of the film Vishwaroopam? I didnt bother to tell him that my daughter Kaveri had attended the outdoor shooting of the film in Michigan because her dad was in the movie! ‘I’m a financier of Bollywood films’ the moron kept repeating as he tried asking for my telephone number!

Moral of the story: Some men are so full of shit. Thank God we women dont have to give a shit. uff

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