Politicians or goondas?

 Why has accepting bullying become a part of our lives? Why on earth must we tolerate anti social riff raff? What is this culture we have allowed to permeate our lives that accepts hooliganism and sycophancy to the extent that we can no longer differntiate right from wrong ? Why is everyone so afraid? And what are we afraid of? When did politicians turn into our tormentors rather than our protectors?
 A kin of a senior level national politician creates a drunken ruckus in my society complex -( I dont think this kin of a senior politician does anything himself except that his claim to fame is to be the brother of of a senoir Congress Politician) Mr Goonda beats up the security staff to the extent of breaking a watchmens leg, smashes our security camers, creates a riot like situation that the entire street can hear, and has the gall to tell me-(only because no one else dared complain) i should visit him at his home at a time convenient to him! so he can explain his violent & feudal behaviour? He says he has got the watchman( the one with the broken leg) a job washing cars in our complex and so why am interfering in the matter or maligning him?

His wife in the meantime- (With an entourage of suitably servile looking followers and videograhers ) barges onto my front door, threatening me with the most ridiculous excuses for her uncivil behaviour, telling me its none of my business what happens on her floor as I am not her immediate neighbour & so better back off warna….!!!  Anurag kashyap & RGV would hire her pronto- i mean its that level of a serious snap of her fingers. As third rate and unimaginable as you can get

‘ I warn you I will upload this on social media and so …’ Madame rubbish warns me

boy oh boy- blog coming soon. Watch this space



One thought on “Politicians or goondas?”

  1. Because … now a days … most of the politicians have become Goonda and Goondas are turning to politics. We don’t hit them hard … whenever required… If we will start teaching them lessons instantly … everything will be fine.

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