fraud websites & morons at customer care…

yesterday i tried to book a ticket from Lisbon to Hamburg and was unfortunate enough to be scammed by a fraud website – who charged me a random sum ( totally different from the actual cost of ticket) and then didnt give me an eticket or any confirmation for the same.

So as soon as i got the notification that my account has been debited with the said amount, I called up the ICICI bank wealth care help line to cancel the transaction. I had been scammed by this website obviously

Now this ICICI help line number i called is given ONLY to special high end clients I had been told in the past. Since it was a rather late hour I thought it better to not disturb my relationship manager and report it directly on this special weallth care customer service help line.

A rather dim witted grievance officer called Dhanraj picked up the call. I sensed his dumbness at hello but still was hopeful. I mean the bank must be paying him a salary for some reason other than they couldnt find anyone else to work the night shift.

But before i could even explain myself fully Dhanraj the dimwit started to insist that he or the bank cant do anything to cancel the transaction and i need to call irctc. He went on and on about me calling irctc- i finally asked him what the hell was that & why on earth i should call them. Who or what is irctc?

“its the Indian railways website madam- you can cancel your ticket directly there!!!

But this is an air ticket from Lisbon to Hamburg!! booked on ryan air on a fraud site called why should i call the India railways website? All you need to do is report the fraud so transaction can be subsequently cancelled

I couldnt believe what the moron was telling me- call up Indian Railways for a Ryan air booking?`

“i dont know madam. But for all ticketing problems and all you need to call irctc directly. ICICI bank cant do anything- call the Indian railways he repeated!!!!

I hung up. No use talking to such dim wits. It was a comedy

Do banks even know who they are hiring & what they are paying employees for? ICICI please pull up your socks, end theres trouble coming your way. Watch out

But all that aside… Baapre- yeh sab hamesha mere hi saath hamesha kyon hotha hai- uff

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