The other evening at an *i’m not drinking – i”ll have a coke please* night out, a gentleman with a salt and pepper beard and hair kept smiling sweetly at me.

“I know you” he said

“Cool” i said, smiling back equally sweetly.

” Yes. you were junior to me”

” obviously ” i said looking rather pointedly at his almost full white beard. I had almost expected him to say he was my professor or something. Rather than junior!

“Yes way junior. Four years i think” he said

” just four? ‘ i gasped

And then it gushed out of my lips entirely out of my control. About how badly men of my generation are aging and how ugly most of them are now looking. While the women are getting hotter and hotter…

There was a stunned silence around me. Now his wife was glaring at me- Oooops.

Afraid i was about to get slapped i quickly reached out for a glass of champagne and gulped it in one go. And then another

Gosh i talk shit when i”m sober.

“Waiter can i please have one more!

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