theres a limit to hypocrisy & double standards no?

i wish people so concerned about pet dogs & stray dogs suffering during diwali because of the phataka noise were even half as concerned abt the starving abused inhuman condition of their fellow humans too.

the kind of folk who’s money spent on one dinner party could feed an entire starving village for a month. Whos menu has the entire zoo- butchered and massacred and marinated to mars.

How can u keep one animal as a loved pet who needs protecion from everything including diwali phataka & consider all else butcherable, marinatable choppable food?
What? Ur next party is in that live crab restaurant where they dunk live crabs in boiling hot water? its a delicasy? really? gosh- Arent you ashamed of yourself? & u think diwali noise for ur pet poodle is cruel?

theres a limit to  such hypocrisy & double standards no?

Or are you suffering from  a complete brain and concsience failure?

PS- I am a staunch vegetarian who dosent eat egg, use leather or wear silk either.

I have been vehement & vociferous in my opposition of the beef ban

But this *dont burst crackers because my pet dog cant handle it* bakwaas has been too much for even the most liberal tolerant kind of folks like me to handle 🙂

One thought on “theres a limit to hypocrisy & double standards no?”

  1. Hypocrisy is everywhere. Mostly in our virtual world. You should do one blog on Media too (sorry if you already did that, i am reading one by one).

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