Dear Prime Minister. India Loves you. Now please love us back too…

Yesterday there were two events that consumed the nation and the twitterati. One was Aamir Khan saying on TV in the presence of Arun Jaitley, that his (Aamir’s) wife Kiran is scared for their kids and talks about leaving the country in India’s current environment of intolerance.

The other was about Pahlaj Nihalani cutting down the kissing scene in Spectre. Both boo boo’s? Tho main kya karoon huh?

See I’ve been in the * I’m not reading newspapers or going on to social media mode last few days. Except of course to post pictures of pink happy flowers or click likes on cute baby video’s or wish people happy birthday.

Because I can’t deal with the onslaught of negativity that our virtual world drowns us under on twitter, or watch any more air kissing pictures of the champagne charades, or the ladies who lunch in high octane parades on face book. . So this news- or rather the above two bits of news- Aamir & Pahlaj- came to me for one reason only. The incessant calling of the Television channels for a sound bite. Happens every time intolerance talk happens – after my last blog that went Dear BJP- I’m a Hindu & I reject your Hindutva. So the phone keeps ringing.  Have to pick up the phone at some point

Yes yes I know. Everybody is so outraged. In fact yesterday 24th November 2015 should be declared National Indian trolls day. Such an outpouring of rage- so much hate. All towards Aamir & his lack of deshbhakti & Pahlaj Nihalani & his sense of misplaced Sanskriti.

Never mind that World War 3 has started in the borders of Asia and Europe, Chennai is drowning in our very own backyard and many more life changing events are occurring around the world. Bollywood always rules amongst its star struck fools. Media must be used as a more responsible tool, someone has gotta change the rules.

So the debate starts. How could Aamir say he’s thinking of leaving the country with his wife ya? I mean Aamir has earned everything from India na, kyon jayega? He’s a Desh Drohi or what? From Bechara to ***tiya. Expletives flowed freely. Jaayega tho kahaan Jayega? Syria Afghanistan & Saudi Arabia ?

Nahin nahin ya. You’ve seen his wife Kiran’s dress sense na- so chic & sexy. As if she’ll wear a burqa. How can she ya. She’s so posh- I heard that in some of those countries women are not allowed to wear glasses either so they can’t see how oppressed their lives are.  It’s compulsory for them to go naturally blind or they are be headed. And Aamir’s wife Kiran wears glasses, and she made that really intellectual film Dhobhi ghaat ya.  They’ll stone her to death ya if she says she wants to make another movie and drive alone in the car without her husband. So its gotta be a non Burqa place na for India’s superstar & his family filled with despondency for India’s growing sense of intolerance…  Despondency? Really? Such a strong word Aamir?  BJP Bhakts were volunteering to get Aamir & his family  visa’s to anywhere he wants to go. Even a one way ticket to the moon.

I of course had my two cents on the Aamir Khan Intolerance row too. That an actor of Aamir’s Khan’s experience and stature and calibre will not make a statement that he did not intend to make, so in that sense he has said it deliberately. So if he says his wife Kiran talks to him of leaving India because of the intolerance rising, it was a plotted planted & deliberately made statement. For maximum impact. Hey everyone has a right to speak and have an opinion so why not Aamir

But in my view, for someone who is the brand ambassador of incredible India, who stands for Atithi Devo Bhava it was a damaging thing to say. And also a cowardly and unpatriotic thing to say. If he thought something is so wrong as to cause *despondency!* why would he want to run away? Why not stay back and fix it? Herogiri khatam?

For an icon of his stature who has the power to influence vulnerable minds it was an irresponsible thing to say . Of course if it provokes the debate and pushes the agenda ( as it already has)  of quelling the fear psychosis that is already gripping India in the wake of beef ban and sedition & Kalburgi murders and Hindutva agenda etc etc, it’s a job well done.

On this very show I got ticked off by a rather smug marm Shivani Wazir Pasricha who called me militant and in the same breath went into raptures extolling Aamir Khans great virtues, his humanitarianism and great acting etc etc. Aamir’s views on terrorism nationalism and every other whataboutism.  Nothing to do with his statement about thinking about leaving India which we were all on the TV panel debating…she couldn’t stop praising Amir. Stardom is a potent thing. It’s why stars need to be responsible in what they say I tried to say. But she – smug marm and self appointed moral science teacher wasn’t listening

Sycophants seldom do. Listen to anyone that is. Except to their masters. Chamchagiri is becoming the new Indian epidemic. Which is why Aamir’s statement condemning rising intolerance is an important one. However damaging to the National image

As for yesterdays 2nd headline:    As for Pahlaj Nihalani , our Censor Board chief who thought it fit to cut 20 odd seconds of a kiss in James Bond new outing Spectre explain his action with the question “Will you have sex with your doors open?

So much Censorship in the land of the Kamasutra and Khajuraho? Isnt that also part of our history & Sanskriti?  Such selective distillation? Really? Why?  Isn’t he the same man who produced movies with songs like *Khada hai Khada hai* (Its standing! )Its standing! )  and *Main Maal gaadi, tu dhakka laga* I’m a heavy goods train, come push me!!)with uterus damaging pelvic thrusts trying to pass off as dance moves?  And that famous movie still of Shola aur Shabnam with actor Govinda looking up a woman’s skirt with her legs astride? Don’t believe me? Here it is

shola aur shabnam


Heres another gem from Andaz




So in Mr Pahlaj Nihalani’s  movies it was okay to have vulgar display of convoluted coitus- but kissing, My God no no. Not allowed. Against Bhartiya Sansktriti you see. Totally not allowed. Bhakt wale morcha nikaal denge.

In India it is apparently okay to piss in public. But not kiss in public. Violence is allowed, rapes are allowed, but holding hands –no way. Kissing- chee chee. Sex is a sin. Babies are born from the bowels of mother earth or Shiva’s matted hair you see. There’s no such thing as kissing or sex. That is all dirty western imagination corrupting our pure Indian culture. Porn is India’s Lochness monster na?

Mr. Pahlaj Nihalani also made the *Har Ghar Modi* election campaign, and one more. His new tribute to Modi that played during Prem Ratan dhan paayo in the theatres. Haven’t seen that but heard it’s infected with the sycophancy disease too. His position as Censor Board chief to eternity has further been sealed I’m told. Even national riots will not dislodge him from his throne

Similar to another Modi Bhakt Gajendra Chauhan’s election campaign video comparing Narendra Modi to Shri ram.

Fair enough. That’s the way things work sometimes. I have no problem with people trying to hold on to jobs, deserving or not.

What is however alarming to me is the brainwash this admiration and sycophancy has caused in the minds of these people who believe they are extolling their leader Narendra Modi’s vision of India. Of Bhartiya Sanskriti.

Is this regressive ideology  what Narendra Modi wants for India as he propels us into the future?  full throttle with the power of a juggernaut? Industry, roads, toilet, trains telecom, giant leaps in every sphere. Claps Claps Claps. No doubt there will be money pouring in. Glory and Riches will be India’s. But where are the minds and the hearts headed?

Why are the likes of Sadhvi Prachi allowed a ticket and given public platforms to spew their poisonous venomous bile? Why is the BJP MLA from Alwar, Rajasthan who said that sexual harassment arises from the fact that schoolgirls wearing skirts inevitably draw attention from mischievous elements while on the way to and from school, not banned from your party?

Or Madhya Pradesh BJP leader Vijayvargiya who said that women are to blame for rape, giving the example of ‘Sita-Haran’ in the Ramayan  expelled?  Women who step out of their boundaries are bound to get into trouble he says… Really? And he doesn’t for speaking such drivel? Why?

When BJP leader Vichitra Tomar pops up with a statement saying ” We also demand legal action against those people, who are engaged in cow slaughter as it is hurting Hindu sentiments.” Why is he not expelled? And given lessons in media management?

Why are prominent post and party holders not being stopped from saying and performing such flagrant and pernicious acts that are creating this fear psychosis in our country? Doesn’t Narendra Modi’s or top BJP leaderships silence on the matter imply their acquiescence?

So who do we believe Mr Narendra Modi- you? You’re vision of a strong robust egalitarian India?  Or the likes of your Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar who said. “If women want freedom, why don’t they just roam around naked?

We want to do that *Selfie with Daughter* like you suggested and pay that Swach Bharath cess and ride the golden elephant with you into India’s sublime future Dear Prime Minister.

But for that you need to reign in your army of clowns and bigots.

God speed.

India loves you. Now please love us back too.



2 thoughts on “Dear Prime Minister. India Loves you. Now please love us back too…”

  1. Loved every word of it. Very precise and resonates strongly with many of us. BJP leadership need to get their act together…god speed.

  2. BJP is also steeped in chauvism and regressive in outlook.I don’t
    wish to elaborate.It is male dominated.Vajapey and Advani are dead!
    It will cater to Adanis and Ambanis and the business class supporting
    BJP.I am yet to find its entry in other areas.wait and watch.

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