Caveat Emptor… buyer beware

So these days I’m in the detox disposition & so my joy knew no bounds when i discovered a newly opened organic store in my neighbourhood.

I rushed in and loaded my shopping basket. Delighted when the bill was a modest 1728/- (one thousand seven hundred and twenty eight only) Wow nice shop- so resonable. Must come here more often i thought to myself and brandished my debit card with a flourish

And then as i was exiting the shop to my horror I noticed that the shop owner had charged me 172,800/- (one lakh seventy two thousand eight hundred!!!) instead of 1728/- one thousand seven hundred and twenty eight only!!! These days many establishments dont ask for ur signature once ur pin number is punched in. This is what happened here.

Gosh if not for the email notification that i imediately got i would have never realized the error. The store owner looked blank , dumb and totally unapologetic.

I had to void the entry on the credit card machine on my own (he claimed to not know the process) It was only when the store owners elderly father in law rushed to the store & insisted on giving me a cheque for the amount that had been wrongly charged to me that I felt a bit placated.

I would still like to believe that it was a mistake & i am dealing with essentially good people that will return my money. The elderly gentleman reminded me of my dad so… it will take 3 to 5 working days I am told for the entry to be reversed and money to come back into my account.

Lets wait & watch…

One thought on “Caveat Emptor… buyer beware”

  1. I have had a very similar experience at a Petrol Pump on Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Had to take a 10 km U-turn to come back and get a charge reversed. The bugger gave me cash instead. 🙂

    Did you get your charge reversal in 3-4 days? Thats another funny thing – the deduction in instantaneous, but the reversals are not.

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