Ladies on facebook Beware

Got a friend request from Vishal Bharadwaj last night. Lovely profile picture of him and Rekha his wife in a flaming red saree– I saw that we had a few common friends too. Nice. I’ve always been an admirer of Vishal’s work- surely his facebook updates and interactions would be brain food too.

Then this morning from 8 am the direct inboxed messages from Vishal started. The How are you, what are you upto these days kinda. He also told me he’s working on Rangoon and busy with two other projects etc.

I told Vishal I’ll call him in a few minutes- this conversation was very strange indeed. As a single woman with more than her share of the booty call bullshit, my antennae was up

I then immediately called Rekha Bharadwaj- Vishals’s wife to ask if Vishal is on facebook. She confirmed my suspicions that Vishal is NOT. He is neither on facebook nor twitter. This is a fake account and the person sending these messages is a fake Vishal Bharadwaj who is randomly contacting women pretending to cast for his movies.

Women on facebook beware. There are many such frauds and lecherous wannabe’s around. Use your discretion while accepting friend requests and report frauds as and when you find one.

This account was deactivated as soon as I told him I’ll call him back.

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