Pro Hindu or Anti National?

I am like most other urban Indians. A- Political. Or non political. A novice. An outsider. But a well wisher. Because I love my India

And like most other urban Indians, other than election time, when we dutifully went & cast our vote silently, politics had no impact on our lives. Yes we gasped over scams & purported stories, but just as quickly dusted the sand off our feet and moved on. Politics never entered our homes- certainly not our bedrooms & kitchens. Yes we cursed much when Shiv Sena changed our beloved Bombay’s name to Mumbai when they came to power in 1995, but quickly saw the rationale behind the move. Desi euphoria & jingoism bloomed. With the luxury of life digested with a silver spoon it was easy to see the virtue behind a Shivaji statue.

Even when vehicles were set ablaze in Marathi Manoos prejudice & Bihari’s asked to return to their home state, we ignored them with the hope that sense would soon prevail. It didn’t. Sadly. Hindutva ideology had started to seep in. To even the most neutral amongst us, it was unacceptable
Never mind the disappointment. Manmohan Singh is a brilliant economist and will herald a new India we were told. After all as India’s Finance Minister in the 90’s he had introduced to us the concept of India shining. But his failure as prime Minister that he was ushered into in 2004 was soon apparent- what was the power Sonia Gandhi wielded over him? OMG and why? What on earth for? Why did he look like a deer trapped under the headlights?
Sycophancy was the giant ogre in this Congress Government- everybody was getting swallowed and the whole country was dying. An Italian accent became the most despised sound in the Indian psyche- even senior leaders like Digvijay Singh had fallen into the Gandhi scion brainwash. Rahul Gandhi ? Really? But pappu can’t dance saala. Oh and not to forget that Vadra boy. What did Priyanka see in him ya? Looks like a total goonda & how did his whole family die so mysteriously ya. OMG? What? Forbes has listed Sonia Gandhi as the third richest woman in the world? Baapre! And she still wears those cheap cotton sarees? What an actress ya. Better than Shabana Azmi!
Uff India and its Bollywood fixation. Anyway to cut a long story short, when it was time to re elect a new Government in 2014- I, like most other urban Indians reeling under the corruption of dynastic politics & a failed Congress Government was filled with hope. Hope for a new India. Hope for change. Hope that things will finally get better.
Arvind Kejriwal and his Gandhi delusion ( remember how he went on a fast every time and for anything & tried to project that he is a Mahatma Gandhi reincarnate while trying to hide the fact that he is CIA ( Ford Foundation) funded? Of course his common man phonyism gave away his own opportunistic game way too soon and he fell by the wayside. Phew! He was India’s first anti corruption hope dashed. Who could we turn to?
India was desperate. We needed a leader. Badly. We needed progress. We needed a semblance of honesty. We desperately needed hope again. It came in the form of Narendra Modi. Brilliantly packaged. Karmachari. Brahmachari. Sanskaari
So well was the Gujarat model marketed that Modi became the one man capable of delivering us- India- into the future. A future built on the foundation of tradition. Indian tradition. As anti Italian as one could get.
The fact that the only other prior perception the public had of BJP as a party was its Karnataka ministers – C C Patil and Laxman Savadi watching porn in Assembly in 2012, or the ban of women wearing jeans in the state and being beaten for consuming alcohol, soon obliterated by Modi’s own 5 star charisma & his PR machinery. If anybody deserves an Oscar for PR- it is indeed Sri Narendra Mode’s team.
So, swayed by a desperate hope as we were, longing pleading & begging for a better India as we were, I, like every other urban Indian, even went out on a limb urging my friends and family to vote for Narendra Modi. Stated on social media that Narendra Modi’s greatest ally was Rahall Gandhi. And I wasn’t wrong.
The BJP Government won because we Indians had become so soooo Gandhi family intolerant- any alternative seemed like manna from heaven in comparison.
Had the Congress propped some other leader of calibre other than Gora Chitta, Rahul Gandhi or his Maa, the votes would have been divided. But Rahul Gandhi sealed it. BJP owes him a lot for their victory.
But what have they done with their victory? It’s been disappointing to say the least. Not just disappointing. Annoying. Frightening, Unacceptable. Totally. Totally totally unacceptable. Despicable really.
I remember whilst urging my friends to vote for Narendra Modi, a Muslim friend had joked that if BJP comes to power he will have to get on a boat to Karachi. So real loomed the spectre of the Godhra riots in everyone’s head, and so real the feeling of Muslim persecution. Was he wrong?
At that point I had reprimanded my Muslim friend that his fear rose from the fact that his allegiance was with the Islamic state in the first place so he shouldn’t use the minority card to gain undeserved rights and privileges. If Karachi is emotionally a boat ride away surely it’s where he belonged? “You don’t understand SK” he sighed. In retrospect I think he may have been right
Reservation & minority status for the Muslims in my view was nothing but vote bank politics. The Congress Party policy of divide and rule. But hey… I admit I don’t really understand everything. Like I said I’m a novice. But hey.. I’m also artist enough to understand that even a novice is entitled to her world view and I’m common enough to understand that I express what a large number of people feel but are unable to elucidate so… here goes…
It’s been barely over a year of the BJP Government and how disappointed are we? God OMG- more than disappointed I believe we are shocked & hoping it’s still all a mistake. Did we ever imagine we are voting for a despotic fascist regime? What exactly is going on? WTF!

*Beef Ban* Dear BJP. Can u please explain what wrong did the chicken or the goat do that they deserve to be killed and not the cow? Yes yes congress and BJP imposed it before you, but how come they didn’t bombard on us as much as you? Why am I suddenly feeling embarrassed about being a Hindu?
*Meat Ban* Yes you want revenge and one up manship on your congress counterparts and detract from the fact that you are failing completely in governance. Farmer suicides, rape, children dying by falling into potholes, Gajendra Chauhan … need I say more!
Did you say Sedition charges to be slapped against those who dare to speak up!!! I mean really? I dare you- seriously

& what was that about eliminating western culture & reclaiming Indian culture?

What exactly do you mean by that dear education minister/HRD Smriti Irani who is not sure of what education degree she has acquired herself or in what language? For someone who doesn’t herself know if she is a BA by correspondence or a BCom by imagination, is not likely to know the difference between Hinduism & Hindutva is she?
Hinduism is a philosophy. A way of life.  The doctrine of which allows me the choice of acceptance or rejection. Ram or Ganpati or atheism too. Upanishads or Gita or tantra or mantra. Hindutva on the other hand is militant imposition of wrongly interpreted tenets of Hinduism. Hindutva is a political tool – nothing to do with the religion itself.
I’m not showing off or being patronizing I promise you. My grandfather and my ancestors were temple priests- my father still recites the Vedas verbatim. My sister recites them without having ever studied them- it is so in my blood line. That’s how Hindu my lineage is.
So do not teach me about my own religion dear BJP. Don’t tell me how I should think. Who I should worship. How I should dress or what I should eat.
I am a Hindu- by definition purer and a higher form than you can ever be- and I reject your Hindutva. Just as Islam must reject the Taliban or Isis.
To be a Hindu is to be tolerant. It’s why we have survived as a race in spite of invasion, conversion & unimaginable attempted destruction. If you do not understand that tolerance or exercise that compassion so intrinsic to our religion, you do not deserve to call yourself Hindu. Or a leader of a democratic nation.
So dear BJP. I reject your Hindutva. I reject your fascism. I reject your despotism.
Dare me if you will. For I speak for all of India.
Mind it! 🙂

27 thoughts on “Pro Hindu or Anti National?”

  1. Very well written. These days when voters classify themselves as a Modi Bhakt or an AAPtard, you gave an unbiased view by projecting the facts. Few days back when few websites were blocked the backlash was unexpected and they didn’t expect our citizens to be so liberal and uncaged from within. They were left with no option than to undo. Their are many aspects like quotas etc. should be undone and the root cause behind it should be eliminated to strike a balance. Not just opinions but the systems should be unbiased too.

  2. Isn’t Suchitra Krishnamoorthi the same person who invested Rs 3.6 crore in HSBC recommended insurance plans and portfolio management services in hopes of 24% assured returns…?

    Quoted from Moneylife: “The end result after five years was Rs83 lakh—direct loss from investment, Rs29 lakh in commission to HSBC, Rs8 lakh (50% of investment) lost from an insurance policy, Rs10 lakh (again, 50% of investment) valuation decline in insurance policy still in force, Rs4.5 lakh tax paid on redemption of short-term mutual funds (including Rs1.85 lakh penalty to the Income Tax department due to non-disclosure of gain by HSBC to the client) and Rs58 lakh interest on home loan earned by the bank.”

    Is it any wonder that she invested so jubilantly in Narendra Modi too…?

  3. Dear Ms Krishnamoorthy
    Thanks for exposing your biases
    You are obviously free to market your views.
    But please do not presume to speak for all or even the majority of our country.
    Please leave the rest of us to deal with the BJP in our own way.
    Thanks for your understanding

  4. Your lack of knowledge smacks. Meat ban predates the current government and a Congress Government’s order. First there is nothing called Hinduism, which is actually a western coinage. We are not a religion, but a way of life – and that is exactly you refer to. We can worship any from the whole pantheon or none at all . Reciting Vedas is not Hinduism, but living the life of a Hindu. There is ‘believer’ in Hindu way of life, but only seekers. We seek clarity, and understanding of us and our lives. But we are not docile. We have our self respect to. Right wing gains attention, only when the ‘normal left’ hurts the right. The right is hurt, and it will slowly become close to centre. When you guys were quiet and sucked up to appeasement of other religions, take what is happening in your chin. Of course, your turn will come. That is how this country balances itself. Else, we would have been having a dynastic rule after alien rule. So what comes is a package, and live with it.

  5. It is a good piece. Very timely and much needed intervention. Who says you are not `political’. You are more `political’ than all those with pretensions of being political and chose to remain quiet. Your boldness inspires me.

  6. U spoke my heart, hats off. Everyone knows hindutva is an upper caste ideology. These senseless shameless characterless community based tyrants have spoiled the name of HINDUISM.

  7. I strongly disagree, with lopsided views- I was as furious when it came to meat ban and beef ban- but everything to be corrected does take a toll and has the weight of legacy way of thinking and its been outstanding how through social media and the youth opposition, things are getting undone- like reversal of the meat ban- and for youth inclusion and social media connectivity that is correcting governments everytime they go wrong- you have to credit Arvind Kejriwal and Narendra Modi. Suchitra Krishnamoorthi please do mention some achievements of the Kejriwal and Modi government too-and facts behind sedition and the honorable court rulings of India- everyone has a right to opinion and everyone must stand up for their own opinion- but when you have a certain following- it would be great to even suggest some measures of corrections before or after criticism.

    Also, lets not undermine skill/experience/enthusiasm that drives ministries- to get work done- einstein was a dropout, steve jobs was a dropout(the inventor of he phone alot of us may view this post on) and the stories go on and on- the right intent and enthusiasm is a driver enough to get work done- education is a legitimate aid- which is a continous process- but if education doesnt lead to learnings- then experience is a better educator than any board or books and im sure Smriti Zubin Irani has the right intent at heart and the correct drive in mind. Its about being Humane first.

    It would be a great revolution if criticisms transitioned into suggestions which are in dire need for reality checks. Lets be more participative and demonstrate the love for our country into actions and first learn the risks, realities and the demography of our country before pointing fingers at ANY politician.

  8. Being a Hindu …don’t u know the value behind it ….Hinduism isnt a religion its a culture …this culture invented by great saints earlier by sacrificing their life. Do u know what’s the meaning of Meditation… meditate your self ….there sud be non vegeterian according to Hindu …u know this generation can’be veggie at once ….banning beef is absolutely right thing at no doubt. R u a technical person or a nut cow is purest animal in the world even proved by western scientist ….we treat like our mother ….not a Hindu every one sud bann beef ….watch your tongue madam ….Cow is more useful than a human being in this world. So, think wat r you ….Are a schooled ??

  9. i really like ur ideology..u r really getting the reasons behind this all bad things….take our religions aside..we all r humans.. so we should think like as a human..but unfortunately in today world we have forget all abt being a gud human….i really like ur step of mind…u r open minded person…. so keep doing better things open to the public like tht….well.done..i salute u…..have a grt nd long life

  10. U need immense guts to come up vehemently with such crucial issues.u are really commendable.thanks for speaking for us.

  11. dangers of Hindutva revision of history

    The Indus valley civilization is not Vedic. The IVC is pre-Vedic
    there are many reasons for this:

    (a) The IVC went into terminal decline by 1900 BC and vanished off the face of the earth by 1400 BC- 1300 BC. Vedic culture was continuous till Buddhist times.
    (b) The epicenter of the IVC was the Indus River, the epicenter of the Aryavarta was the Gangetic plains.
    (c) Sanskrit was clearly never a widely spoken language
    (d) The Harappans traded with Mesopotamia, wrote on seals , gave a great deal of Importance to drainage systems and urban development besides metallurgy.


    Read my papers on researchgate.


    We need to act before it is too late


  12. This was foretold eons ago :

    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.

    This passionate intensity was well manifested in the visages of the thuggish looking man with a huge white tilak overlayed with a slightly smaller yellow one who declaimed, “when a cow is killed the blood of all Hindus boil !” while justifying the lynching of Akhlaq. Another soldier of heartless bigotry proclaimed, “cow killers”.

    It mattered not in the least to these rude fundentals that their opinions were not sought – at least not about Hindus. They were asked about their feelings about the monstrous act but were not asked to make a judgement on Hindus wrt an event where a mob went after a helpless innocent old man.

    They took it upon themselves to preach the basics of sanatana dharma to the rest of the world.

    And they shout so ! Like the odd shivsainiks we’re made to see on TV.

    Yes, they shout and browbeat and won’t let anyone else speak.

    Y’see, noise is inherent in our worship : the noisier our festivals are, the happier we are for, after all, noise rids us of evil demons.

    So, we shout. We take away others’ private space. For, we are ecstatic. Ecstatic in our exalted state of righteousness. We’re right because we bathe in cold water before sun up and wear wet clothes and paints galore and say, ” agnyAninAm mayA dOsHAm, aSHESHAm vihitAn harE | kSHamasvatvam KSHamasatvam , SHESHaSHaila SHiKHAmaNE ||” This makes us superior in our misconceived notion of oneness with the Supreme Conscious.

    IOW, our lack of self-esteem makes us clutch at straws through “discovering” the mystical in our selves, our ancestors, and our unreasonable and untenable feeling of immense kbowledge.

    This naturally ends up in breast beating.

    Add to this the fear of a resumption of the Mughal Rule and the only result is mobs.

    Mob psychology and mob justice : attacking helpless folks in mobs. Note, that they don’t attack other mobs equal in strength. And the powers that be justify such dastardly acts.

    Why this peroration of mine about the social psychology of our right wing brigades ?

    To prove that these mobs simply and directly prove the cowardlyness in their very genesis.

    Is this all that India can produce ? Hoards ?

    Not warriors that fight the battles of the just and brave ?

    This lack of dignity in these soldiers of a misguided belief system is what is alarming for those with a modicum of self esteem will not be seen in action. It’s only these, that’ll write the history of India .


  13. Wonderfully penned down Suchitra. I agree 100%. We don’t need Hindutv or Christianity or Islam or anything…. We need a country where each n every human being can move fearlessly. After BJP in power its more scary n our respected PM busy handling outside disturbances. He should be very well aware tht first we clean n sort home front n thn v should concentrate world. Nyways great letter! God bless u.

  14. Well Done –Suchitra——– India need people like you . Wish more and more young people come forward and save our country from the Narrow Minded. Pray May God Bless You.

  15. It is good to see there are young individuals like yourself Suchitra,who are not just “Padhat moorkh”(educated idiots)but truly educated and capable thinkers.
    I am glad that the mistake about trying the BJP once again has been recognized so soon after the Modi election.However the concern now is how soon can this government be toppled.BUT more importantly what can take its place!!

  16. Dhany ho! tu Dhany ho!
    Aarya Kanya! tu Dhany ho!!

    For having Suchitra as a daughter, who saw through the likes of Rahul and his lineage, Kejriwal and his ilks and now Modi and his pariwar, having given all of one year and odd to rule. Where do we go now??????????

  17. Its good article suchitra,But you tried to unbiased …from politics.But at some point you need to act or support any one from present whom do you prefer.. ????

  18. When we are seriously ill and need a blood transfusion do we go to the blood bank and ask for Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Sikh or Parsi blood depending on which faith we belong to. We ask for blood that will sustain us, similarly today India needs patriotism and nationalism of a kind that sustains this country and not the kind of pseudo nationalism based on religious beliefs. The military, the paramilitary and other security forces defend this country because of an inherent sense of national pride whereas the political class defend their narrow political objectives, the country’s interest be damned.

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