Hum Aapke Hai Kaun

Is there anybody who hasn’t been feeling sick about the ongoing Sheena Murder mystery? I have become almost physically ill with the news, yet turn on the TV the minute I can. I am a victim of the media feeding frenzy & a robotic one at that. The drill in the last few days has been almost identical. Come home, plonk in front of TV, watch till eyes hurt & horror becomes too sick, bile rises & switch it off. Next day – repeat same action.

Each of us has turned into a Sherlock Holmes and Mother Theresa. Detectives on a moral highhorse. On a race to crack the crime.

In spite of crediting myself with a fair amount of intelligence I have to admit I, like many others, just can’t understand what exactly is going on. – So much so that I’m starting to take notes and draw diagrams. Yesterday in an attempt to explain the sordid saga to my young 21 year old niece I tried to draw the Mukherjea’s family tree.

This in spite of my nieces grandparents, i.e. my parents (all DNA verifiable) objection that she was too young “What too young ya- this girl Sheena was didi’s age no? Just a couple of years older than me when she was killed “ True true. Poor thing. Must caution the young ones about the evil in the world.  Now we Krishnamoorthi’s were initially of the opinion that the lil ones in our family were too innocent to be exposed to the Sheena Murder Mystery but the TV and newspapers have made it impossible. I mean how does one hide something that’s everywhere? And we don’t hide things from each other- that’s a rule. Not the important stuff. And everything is important. Especially when it comes to children.  After all we are the regular people ya. We even have family whatsapp groups to keep each other updated on what happens in our lives.

“Baby fell down and hurt her elbow today. Nothing serious”

“Give her a tetanus injection anyway – don’t take a chance. So much infection in the air these days”

“Mum will you stop calling me baby now? I’m a teen”

“Okay baby”


That’s how we are. Not that its ideal or a prototype but still – it’s how we are. So my niece was very confused. In this Mukherjea family no one talks to each other or what? Or is everybody just a pathological liar? Who’s this Sanjeev Khanna now? That’s a Punjabi name right? But Sanjeev’s daughter is Bengali?  But Mikhail isn’t that a Christian name? How can a father’s daughter be married to her fathers son? Who was having an affair with who dude? So then why did he say she calls me Jeeju? So many new phrases one has learnt through this case- Murderous mother. Pretending Peter etc etc. So many lies, buried under parcels of profit.  Is anything really worth this?

Baapre. Too much, Getting confused again. So I started to draw the family tree to explain. But as I put pen to paper what emerged was not a tree .  Not the kind with branches where pretty flowers grow & sweet fruit fall to the ground that children eat and grow tall and strong. But a forest. Deep. Dark dense twisted entwined rotting fetid.

As the strokes on the paper increased for me to try and make it coherent, the blue of the pen turned to grey. Dark darker darkest, the 99th shade of grey. The forest was now on fire soon buried under a thick black blanket of smog. The paper turned to ash- smouldering and smoking in my hands. No chance of scanning the family tree/ forest fire diagram and uploading it on the family whats app group now.

Hey wait a minute baby- theres some more breaking news on TV. I’ll get back and explain the forest fire.. Look thev’ve traced Sheena Mukherjea’s biological father!

Yes Yes. He’s  been traced 10 days after the sordid saga exploded & spewed the blood of immorality, ill gotten wealth, and diabolical lying onto our spotless walls. Skeletons in the cupboard is supposed to be an idiom not the real thing no?

No Sheena’s father wasn’t traced by the cops. Nobody from the police- going by his words- has tried to contact him (the murdered girls biological father)  apparently . The same way nobody from the police tried to contact Mikhai her real & biological brother before the media tracked him down either.  Yes Sidharth Das is Sheena’s biological father and willing to do a DNA test. Phew. Is somebody finally speaking the truth?

Sidharth Das has his own humble life now and so appeared in a helmet, trying to protect his identity. The media has got dates of the childrens birth wrong- according to Sidharth Das. Sheena is 1987 born & Mikhail 1988 born. Yet the 2002 document Mikhail Bora shows the cops as proof of his mothers evil clearly shows Sheena Bora listed as being 1989 born. The one in which Indrani Bora apparently changed  the parentage of her children Sheena and Mikhail from Pori Bora and Sidharth Das to Upendra Bora and Durga Rani Bora – her own biological parents. Never mind dubious claims from some Senoir journalist claiming that Indrani had told him that her father was actually her step father. No no- rubbish says the father. I am real father to Indrani.

Every socialite and journalist- (especially the we associate/ carry stories of ONLY the rich & powerful type of veeery senior & full of self importance socialites & journalists) seem to have a  “ When I met Indrani story” yeah yeah- she’s the villain. We get that. But Nobody  except one has had the guts or felt the need to talk to the main piece of the jigsaw puzzle. Mr Mukherjea himself. Even the police. The Peter pan in Neverland. Everybody is taking sides & everybody is lying- false theories  fabricated and planted. Nobody wants to know about Sham Rai – the drivers wife. India dosent care about the low life’s

Oh o. Must not get cynical now & fall into the “This happens only in India” syndrome. The collective unconscious apathy that makes Indian people believe that truth is fiction and never happens in reality. The hopelessness that fills social media with comments like “Of course the Mukherjea’s will get away with it. They’ve paid everyone off ya”

So in spite of my desire to stop thinking or be involved in this, I cant help myself. But Lets spare each other the character assassination of the people involved and focus on the facts of the murder. Falsity of any kind is an immorality

It would be a pity if this went the Jessica Lal or Aarushi Talwar way. The fact that an officer of Rakesh Maria’s calibre is heading the investigation is our biggest hope. For truth to prevail, justice be served and a better India

Ok , more later. Gotta get back to watching TV. Have to attend this party later this evening and need to get ready. Not that I want to go but I HAVE to go you know what I mean. Cant help it. Its Pinku’s party after all ya. Shes such a sweetie.

There’s going to be a lot of the “I worked with Peter” “ I’ll never work with Indrani” “ They got married in my terrace” kinda folk. Dress code is “Raadhe Maa red” and there’s a  “Hum aapke Hain kaun” quiz. For the non Hindi speaking it means “ Who am I of yours” btw– remember that Sooraj Barjatya family drama?

I believe the winner of this quiz gets to interview for the post of CEO of Peter’s new company- Chee chee chee! I know its totally disgusting but I HAVE to go- how to avoid ya? But I told Pinku no way am I going to sing  the “wah wah Ramji Jodi kya banaayi “ song

Not even for 600 crores & who the hell wants to be CEO.

I mean I would rather have Rakesh Maria tell us the truth ya- even if its on TV for free.

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