All these jokes / jibes on Radhe Maa.

Never met her- inspite of several invitations. Only because i didn want to mock the faith of those who invited me with the fervour of trying to fix me/ find me a guru/maa to help my unfulfilled existense..!!! blah blah blah. WTF ! 🙂

I have declined similar prior invitations to private audience with the Sadhgurus, Shreee Shree Shrree’s & Mata Amritanandamayi’s of the world. No disrespect intended- my bliss lies elsewhere

And so therfore all these jokes/jibes on Radhe Maa… make my bile rise. Really. Has anyone dared question why Sadhguru hasnt revealed his real name, or how Baba Ramdev gets away with exposing his pubus in the name of yoga?

Till we dont rid ourselves of our misogyny and our sexism we deserve the bullshit we are served.

As a society arent we safer dealing with Radhe Maas lipstick than Asaram Bapu’s rape stick.

for a start lets compare Baba Ramdev’s ayurvedic medicinal million dollar tax evading empire or Asaram Bapu’s 700 acrre land grab scam (never mind that the key witness in his case was shot dead-thats a debate for another post)
as opposed to a a beautiful woman who’s only weakness is to be dressed as a bride & dance to Bollywood songs? Short red dress and red lipstick so what?

Lets get a perspective peeps. Why is a womans sexuality such a sin & mans misogynistic holiness so celebrated.

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