Maar Daala

Maar Daala! Killer! Killing it!

To those familiar & hooked on to social media interactions these are comments one makes or receives when a facebook/twitter/instagram friend uploads a particularly flattering selflie ( beauty lens & filters on full throttle ) or a video of oneself/ themselves doing one of those 1 lakh a month personal trainer workouts.

You know the  “10 farmers can pay off their lifelong debt with what I pay my personal trainer in a month) kinda designer trainer …

who makes you lift old rubber stinking car  tyres on the Carter Road or Nariman Point stretch, and makes sure your huffs and puffs & groans are buried under the music  app (that lets you upload this video) automatically plays. These are social media conversations that invariably follow these status updates

“OMG. You’ve lost so much weight. Looking awesome. Killing it”

“Thanx babes. Love you Muuah. Coffee long overdue”

“Yes. As soon as I’m back from Paris. What diet are you following babes? Tell na secret babes”

“Ketosis. Will inbox you my dieticians number babes. She’s fab “

“Ketosis!!! No way sweets. Last time I went on that I was dead”

This is one kinda of Killer! Maar daala! Dead! Update.

Then theres the 2nd kind of Killer update. Dubsmash  “ Yeh Haath mujhe de de Thakur. Ye haath mujhe de de Thakur. Ye haath Mujhe de de Thaakoooorrrr!!” face looming into camera. Teeth bared, paunch scratched, looking pleased as punch

& the comments that follow “Ha hahahahaha”

“ Bwahahahahaha. Killing it Dude!”

“ Next time we meet you gotta show me this dubsmash shit & how it works. Killler bro. Good stuff”

Then there is the 3rd kind. The real Killer!Killed it! Maar Daala. update. Only nobody uses those words here. Instead its worded as  passed on/ moved on/ left us/ moved to a higher spiritual plane update.   Genuine awkward shock laden RIP’s & May her/his soul rest in peace reactions follow.. Everybody is genuinely sorry to hear that.

Accounts of deceased ones are sometimes kept alive by loved ones & you occasionally post a heart of or a  Miss you so and so or cant believe youre gone comment.

This is usual social media lingo. One has gotten used to it and slipped into using similar expressions without thought or repercussion. With the exception of a few instances of moral policing like of those unfortunate British boys who got arrested by American authorities on arrival on American soil for tweeting to each other just before their American holiday ‘I’m going to destroy America and dig up Marilyn Monroe’: most of us are safe.

I Remember the headlines from a few years ago vividly – British pair arrested in U.S. on terror charges over Twitter jokes and how we all laughed it off. I wasn’t on social media or facebook that time( this was 2012) but I remember thinking who would use language like that?”

Last night just before bed time I was reminded of this incident again as news filtered to us that an ex Media head honcho’s  wife Indrani Mukherjea had been arrested for murder. I assumed it was one of those talking rubbish on social media & so cops taking her in for questioning as a precaution kinda incident . Like the British boys had been for saying they will destroy America or the two Mumbai girls who were arrested after Bal Thakerays death for protesting the Mumbai bandh. Pain in the whatever but sortable.

And so hoping it was all a cruel joke I scoured the internet for news on the Mukherjea’s

And Nope it wasn’t a social media boo boo or a mistake of any kind. Indrani Mukherjea wife of Peter Mukherjea – former CEO Star TV ,was arrested for murdering her own sister, disposing off the body and staying with the secret for three whole years. With driver as accomplice

I found this totally hard to digest and still can’t get myself to believe it. Not that I know Indrani or Peter well at all except that we crossed paths at social events ( more so when our children were younger and we were invited to the same kid friendly fare) and then on facebook where we have been friends for about two years. I quickly scoured Indrani’s profile for any controversial status updates- there were none. Just many gorgeous selfies and mostly pics with the family. No killer/ killing it/ or maar daala comments either- just wow and looking beautiful and so happy for you stuff. The pouting Mukherjea’s posing happily on family holidays

Yet social media erupted with acerbic & venom. “ Wow not just killing her sister but getting rid of the body & pretending nothing happened for three years. Is this where we can reach?”

and “OMG is there a killer lurking in our friends circle” to

“ Do we really know the people we think we know” to

“Criminal minds hiding behind beautiful faces and designer gowns”

I dread to think what these same people would think or say about me if I was ever trapped in such bizarre & macabre circumstances. I for one don’t believe any of this. I didn’t believe and still don’t believe the Talwars killed their daughter Aarushi either. They are victims or a larger murkier plot/system and have paid a heavy bone crunching price for it.

I hope the truth emerges quickly in this case &  fate is kinder to the Mukherjea’s. God Speed.

Oh wait- the red light is showing on my just updated facebook app already. A friend has sent me a private inboxed message

“Dont be so naive Suchitra. Why would the Mumbai police take her into custody otherwise. Killer DP BTW- love it!”


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