Controlled anarchy. Who is funding the Hardik Patels of the world…?

For those wondering on the Patel agitation and the sudden appearance of Hardik Patel on the scene, can I point you all once again to this post I had shared a few times? The latest being in Jan this year, post the Sri Lankan election.

“The US Govt, having a much larger courtyard than India has evolved nation manipulation into an art.

And its means are a lot more sophisticated now. It hinges on a man called Gene Sharp and a protest document he had written on ‘From Dictatorship to Democracy’, seemingly influenced by Gandhi. This document made its way to the CIA and they realised how much effective it could be to bring about change of dispensation in countries where they would like to wield influence. Towards which they brought in Colonel Robert Helvey to coordinate with Gene Sharp’s innocuously named ‘Albert Einstein Institute’.

One of their first success was Otpor in Belgrade. The ‘revolutionaries’ created since went on to become ‘consultant’s to creating other revolution. Through this, first the cold war countries challenging US were targetted. Then the muslim countries.
The methodologies they have evolved are subtle, sophisticated and stealthy. Giving an impression of being organic revolution, it is actually controlled anarchy. Have you heard the word anarchist of late?

The ‘clenched fist’ of Otpor has evolved into the ‘umbrella’ of HK and also to the ‘Jhadoo’ of our polling symbols. For, like Jesus Christ, the revolutionary leaders of these movements each have a couple of ‘lost years’ in which they go in for training. Those looking upon AAP as an alternative might well choose to study this documentary and then the documentary provided below which exposes them. For in reality AAP has hijacked a relevant citizen’s movement into a vehicle for machinations. Come to your own conclusion as to how much the country’s purpose is served if proxies prop up revolutions?”

Unspool the strings and one will find out how AAP (or rather Kejriwal) and Hardik Patel are all connected. And how the strings attach to the epicentre of things.

Via Avi Das

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