Will beauty queens ever rise above this stereotypical travesty?… Part 2

& some more on this picture & my POV (point of view) on it

as long as women feel they have to use their bodies to get attention – ageing or not- defeats the very purpose . The purpose of liberation, of our education, of us being raised to believe we are equal in every which way to men. I mean can you imagine Obama posing in trunks before the next polls- how will that work?

And that expression in this photograph- forget the feathers or the caterpillar. – MY god– what is that? It looks stupid enuff in playboy centre spreads … its such a slavish “catch the male eye with the come F*** me look” cliche. Its awful. God awful

We all age. Its inevitable. And there is a great grace & beauty in that… Monica Belluci is a Bond girl at 50. Look at Sophia Loren or the impact Audrey Hepburn had on the world in her later years… See pics of Mother Teresa when she was young- she would have been a cover girl had she taken off her clothes too.

A woman who is a slave to the male gaze (which over the years is totally how women view each other too & that is the biggest tragedy) whether 30 years ago or now is still a slave… I rest my case. No more on this pic. There is a cockroach in my bathroom that i need to kill

cindy crawford

One thought on “Will beauty queens ever rise above this stereotypical travesty?… Part 2”

  1. Some men physically controlled women and used them as objects of sexual pleasure since time immemorial. Those same type of men are now called ‘liberals’. They hijacked feminist movement, effectively controlled thought process of women under disguise of women emancipation or empowerment and now women are “willingly” offering themselves as objects of sexual gratification. Some how, liberals made women believe that skirts and free sex make women intelligent and happy. The MALE inside my brain likes what these liberals are doing. They have made variety of millions of women available in half-porn or full-porn to satisfy fantasies of my brain. As a MAN, I am aware that this liberal movement is another form of dominating women. Women should use freedom to excel in jobs, science and creativity, not for skirts and free sex, I have been blocked by few feminist women for pushing this my point of view. It is futile to fight against army of rich liberals.

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