The Mardaani Bakwaas

For all those elite women spouting Mardaani on social media (postShenaz Treasury‘s post) claiming we dont need men to protect us- because they are tough enough to protect themselves from rapists & butchers- because their parents have raised them to be proud & strong & so they are perfectly equipped to hit back at anybody who’s ever done them wrong & blah blah blue blue…

Stop in your all your self glorification & back thumping please. And pause for a moment. Because thisĀ is not about you at all. Its about them . its not for you – its for them

Its about the girls found raped and hanging dead from trees. For Nirbhaya who died because a juvenile rapist (that the law currently protects ) shoved steel rods into her body & ruptured her intestines. For all the girls who are raped in taxis buses and on the streets everyday. For those who are followed & eve teased & harassed… for the acid attack victims… its for those, who for you – the tough karate woman- travelling in your air conditioned chauffeur driven cars- are nothing more than a days depressing headline.

SO we DO need Men you see. And we need women. We need humanity and we need compassion. We need the naysayers to back off and the true voices to be heard

And MOST of all we need such strong laws that no one DARE EVER misbehave or treat a woman in this way again.

So so it is indeed about them. Because regardless of what parallel fictitious woman glorified world you occupy, the reality is that the people making and implementing(or not) these laws against men are still mostly MEN

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  1. I completely agree with u. First we should realize that we are not weak and have to fight with the consequences that the ladies are facing day by day. All men should be made understood that we are also human but animals to treat as anyways. Thank u for the post….

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