my Kashmir. my India…

Watching TV news from last few days on floods in Kashmir…….

The thing which has amazed me most is not the plight of people or security forces helping people…….


The absence of Anti India protestors..
Stone Peters…
Demanders of independence..
Slammers of security forces….

Where are those jihadists now??
Where is the bunch of idiots..hurriyat??
Where is geelani, YASIN malik and many more…

What about Pakistan…..which is self proclaimed messiah of kashmiris….

Ultimately….it is govt of India and Indian forces which are there to help the kashmiris…… please forward ths

2 thoughts on “my Kashmir. my India…”

  1. Well Written. Such a knowledgeable post. It is truly said “If you want to feel heaven, then go to Kashmir”. I also visit Kashmir on my last vacation which was really a wonderful trip for me. I was not so young but i understand the whole criteria of discrimination there. It was my best trip ever, but the people of kashmir is not happy with Indian government. They hate India and their citizens, only the country they loved is Pakistan. Personal experience, If you ask them in which country are you living then they replied Pakistan, some says Kashmir, they think Kashmir is a country for them. You can also say Kashmir is Mini Pakistan. Everyone supports pakistan, Flag on their house are also of pakistan. I suggest my family or my some of friends don’t visit kashmir, its a great place but with a wrong peoples. I don’t want to visit that kind of place.

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