US human rights? What about the rest of the world??

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An Indian diplomat did a wrong thing in a foreign land- and law must be followed everywhere in the world. I’m all for that


The Indian outrage of her being strip searched #Devyanihumiliated (yes my voice has been very loud on twitter on this one) & humilaited for underpaying an employee in my view is not the big issue. This is not about what is wrong with Indian politics or how it only comes to the aid of those with contacts either (that is a very defeatist viewpoint) Its not misplaced jingoism either What really gets my goat is the big bully USA & its reaction to the whole affair A country that sees nothing amiss in bombing half the world at the slightest threat of a sneeze saying the procedure followed in the investigation was in keeping with US human rights & so there is nothing wrong!!! US human rights? Does the rest of the world matter at all? Or is their economy that thrives on fostering war the only thing they care about?

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