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In remembrance of Mandela & his own ancestors President Obama should grant pardon to fair Indian Memsaab Devyani Khobragade who got slave into America & grant the maid American citizenhip

5 generations down Devyani’s progeny could even be US President .

Who knows- Anything is possible in this wonderful crazy world ))

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  1. I have been following this case on and off and i would say its complex case than what you might have considered and said, Devyani should have granted pardon.
    Well, What happens 5 generations down Devyani or the maids’ progeny is no where related to Devyani being forgiven or not.

    Devyani offended the laws of US, the land of rules and law. And she would be judged based on this lands rules. Now, saying that, it does not mean, no one on this land, violates rule. It would be ridiculous if i say that. You are punished only when you are caught. And probably thats the difference between, people who are punishable and punished.
    Well anyways, i think, Legally she should be punished for what she did. Morally she should not be (as almost everyone violates rules at some point or the other, caught or uncaught). And that makes it a complex case while we judge her.

    That was my 2 cents.

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