Thank you Ram Gopal Varma

This is what Ram Gopal Varma said

Well Suchitra,I said what I said and what I felt in the context..congrats for ur book anyway..I hear people are loving it

I want to congratulate you for so honestly baring your soul..your thoughts are so seam less and so fluent in their construction

U r among the very few I know who had the courage to let all outsiders peek into ur innermost soul.. I want to hug u for that


This is what I said

Thanx Ram Gopal Verma @RGVzoomin for #DramaQueen. Very sporting & brave of you to allow me to use that- You deserve claps not slaps- so all u dumb trolls on internet STFU.

And people who have not read #dramaqueen should not take Ramu’s statement out of context & curse him for it. Read it- hes my books hero not the villain)

what @RGVzoomin said in Drama Queen a LOT of Men think and do. SECRETLY.  Then go back 2 their wives girlfriends & pretend nothing happened while they do pooja and take kids out for icecream. Uff

It takes courage to be honest. .I salute you again Ramu- thank you

One thought on “Thank you Ram Gopal Varma”

  1. Me. Ram gopal Verma has already prove his courage by creating such beautiful movies on very sensitive Topics and facts

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