Genset needed for charitable school in rural Punjab

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Mithun Kumar (age 19), runs a free school in the remote village of Nangli Punjab, India. Son of a rickshaw puller and a domestic help, Mithun was determined from a very early age not just to get himself educated but to also teach children and help educate them.

Through the years, this extremely impoverished boy pursued his dream of providing education for these village kids with hardly any resources except money brought in by his holding down different odd jobs like working in roadside dhabas and weddings.

Most of the 180 children in Mithun’s school come from very poor migrant families, who are marginalized and are not a part of mainstream society. Many of them are employed in child labor and are cruelly abused in the community and the government schools that they attend. Subsequently, they drop out of these government schools due to extreme neglect and attend Mithun’s school.

Mithun’s is a registered charity and its details are given below. His charity does not receive any organizational help but has been running until now essentially on the good will of people who have been making personal donations and of course, Mithun’s own daily wages.

They urgently need to purchase a genset (an electric generator for back up source of power) for Mithun and his children, Due to power cuts and extreme temps, it is difficult to survive, let alone run a school. The entire village can go without power for days. More importantly, many of the children also suffer nosebleeds constantly due to the heat wave that has affected areas of northern India, including Punjab with temps upwards of 46 celsius. They have 3 fans, which are of no use now.

These children have never been top priority for the government, especially these kids belonging to poor migrant workers are at the bottom of the heap, totally ignored and relegated to the periphery of a neglected community and treated as pariahs.

We are looking at Honda or Yamaha genset , noiseless and fuel efficient.The medium rangers , mounted on trolley start with 1 lakh 17 thousand and above .

Even a little would add up and make a big difference in their lives. So I am urging you all to please donate whatever you wish.

Mithun Kumar’s charity account:

M-Real Account number / other details :

Name : M/S M-Real (Methodologies for Rural Education and Learning)

Punjab National Bank, Chabhal (distt. Amritsar)

A/C no. 0576000100255908

VPO Nangli Fatehgarh Churian

Amritsar, Punjab.



MICR CODE: 143024037


Following is the link to make an online donation

Cheques can be mailed to
Mithun Kumar,
c/o Prof AP Mehta
88 Professor’s Colony
Tilak Nagar

Thank you for your kindness.

Warm Regards

Suchitra Krishnamoorthi

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