Transfer sale of Flats in Mumbai/ Maharashtra

I just have an oral confirmation from a trusted lawyer that Co-operative Housing Societies are not allowed to charge more than 25000/- as transfer fees and it is illegal to charge above this amount or follow earlier outdated laws for whatever reasons

Please check out the following link ( page 24) and report any discrepancies directly to

The Registrar of Cooperative Societies
Mhada Griha Nirman Kendra, Near Kalanagar, Bandra East, Mumbai – 400051 | +(91)-(22)-66405105 | 66405223

One thought on “Transfer sale of Flats in Mumbai/ Maharashtra”

  1. You are right – legally Transfer Fees cannot be more than Rs. 25,000/- Further the law also states that the society cannot charge any other fees, under any other head for doing the transfer. So any demand for “donation” to the society or demand for “contribution” to some other fund like repairs fund etc while doing the transfer is also not permitted.

    However there is no penalty on the Managing Committee or the society if it does not follow this law. So if you complain to the Registrar of Co-operative Societies, there will be no action against society. 🙁 I have gone through this process and realised that. Whew, it was a struggle!

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