Random musings

Just got off the phone from a delightfully disturbing conversation with the publisher of my new book releasing shortly.

She : Suchitra its great that you want to reveal you have schizophrenia. I think a confession like that from someone like you will help a lot of people deal with their own mental problems.

Me: uh.. ahem… I think you’ve misunderstood me. I dont have sciizophrenia!!!… If i┬ádid have it i would feel no embarrassment in revealing it. I am a pretty stable human and mother.

She: Of course of course i know that

Me: What i meant was, thats its essential to retain the schizophrenic quality of the narrative. The voices in my head kind of thing…

She: Yes yes Obviously i know that – what i meant was….I didnt mean it that way but a schizophrenia confession could be very interesting you know….

Me: Yes yes of course i understand what you mean but I dont have schizophrenia!!!!

!!!!!*(&(^*&%(^%(&%^(^ :-)))))))))))))))))))

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