Minor my foot. Hang him #Delhigangrape

Minor DelhiGangRape accused age could be a lie- y shouldnt he be given same punishment as rest? 17 years and 6 months my foot-

isnt 1/2 or over 1/2 considered 1? Is he hiding under some political clout? Hang him like the rest if he cant produce a birth certificate- because he was also  the most violent of the lot and a danger to society

In the meantime this bunkum is aborable- Rapists lawyer complains that his client is being tortured in police custody and so forced to admitting to his crime under duress! http://www.dnaindia.com/india/report_delhi-gang-rape-case-accused-tortured-by-police-alleges-lawyer_1788904

Why havent these filthy barbaric rapists been hanged already?

One thought on “Minor my foot. Hang him #Delhigangrape”

  1. Of course….he must b given the same punishment as others. The act that he has done
    Is not that of a minor. If he was not thoughtful while committing the crime then why should
    The law forgive him saying he is a minor…?

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