urgent need to Rewrite/modify Indian Rape Law

This is what the Rape law of the IPC (Indian Penal Code) 1860 needs to consider and implement  immediately and urgently.
Distinguish between violent rape, molestation and relationship cheating

The Delhi Gang Rape case is a wake up call to the Indian governments to fix their archaic lopsided laws and derogatorily apathetic attitude towards its women

Generalizing every sexual offence as rape or sexual assault amounts to trivializing violent rape and prevents genuine victims from getting proper justice.

Given the spate of false cases where even consensual sex is being claimed as rape, the law should clearly distinguish between violent rape, molestation and consensual sex followed by dishonoring a promise of marriage.

It should be clearly mentioned as to which of these qualify as crimes under the law, and appropriate punishment should be assigned depending on the seriousness of each offence.

Violent and brutal acts of rape and attempted murder of the victim should be given strictest punishment. Not jail sentences. For everyone in India with any kind of political clout gets out easily

Not even death penalty- the criminal must suffer while he lives like the scars on the victims he leaves behind

Violent and brutal acts of rape and attempted murder should be punishable by castration. So that no man DARE do it again.

After all there were many who sacrificed their lives and limbs for our freedom from the British

Let the brutes of the Delhi gang rape case be made examples and martrys for the sake of the Freedom of the Indian woman

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