Psychic or psycho? Uff!

Gabreilla the psycho or psychic? Uff

Ok I confess on a really insecure day i pay for a psychic reading on line. Rs 249- seemed harmless enuff. Gabriella the psychic ( her name showed up in my facebook ad)

I get a vague reading of souls and auras and my true calling. Having heard such gereric vague predictions by a 100 other cons I ignore her but then Gabriella the so called psychic wont let me.

I suffer from a lack of love and deep insecurities she says & my soul mate is a few footsteps away

She now wants 2499/- for the next reading, asking me for it over and over again-
threatens me with dooms day , apocalyptic catastrophes if i don’t heed her warnings, and continues to bombard me with threats even after i have unsubscribed. I implore you, I warn you, Suchitra I am your friend do not ignore this final warning kind of blah

Since Gabriela’s threats haven’t worked she’s now reverted to sending me messages of only miracles awaiting me- all eyeing another credit card online swipe ofcourse.

Please stay away from this person Gabriella. I am seriously considering taking some action for cyber harassment against her

2 thoughts on “Psychic or psycho? Uff!”

  1. the same incident occurred to me too. i paid attention to her when i was alittle worried and tensed about my family matters. there are so many gabriellas psychic are available..they are really dangerous…they just want money

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