Bankers or Fraudsters?

Banksters who fraud immediately quit their current job and are lapped up by other banks- my #HSBC manager Gautam Sewani now in a plush job with Citibank. I remember weeping to him about my losses and pleading to set things right before i actually went ahead and filed my legal complaint.

All the other managers accused in my HSBC case- Amit Sinha, Vikas Gupta Samir Doshi Jaykumar Pathak have dissapeared too-to some other bank perhaps? If a doctor can have his license suspended for malpractice – why does this same check not apply to bankers? Is there no background check performed when banks hire senior personnel?

3 thoughts on “Bankers or Fraudsters?”

  1. Why do you blame the pawns,the relationship managers . They just acted on behest of hsbc . HSBC might be having some scheme to motivate them to do so ………… Why would they let earn the bank frauding if the bank was not providing for them . i mean incentive to mislead u . They were not acting independently.

  2. Yes Superman- thats exactly the information i am asking HSBC to provide me under RTI- right to information. How much personal & institutional incentive did HSBC have and provide to its Relationship managers to fleece their customers dry so appallingly unethically?

  3. two doubts ,1.will they disclose?( i mean rti is for only govt institutions.its a private bank) and 2.the incentive may not always be in cash). just leave it to the court making rbi and hsbc the responders. hsbc will try to evade responsibility saying what they did was legal / followed RBI guidelines though unethical . you should file breach of trust petition . Following RBI guidelines to fill their coffers at the expense of customers ………..These jokers hide behind guidelines which are meant to be guidelines and not the truth . Guidelines should be applied according to the situation

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