the yin and yang mandala part 2

And as a hypothetical corollary to my previous post. Since we women are suckers for the happily ever after myth that the knight in shining armour will come and lead us into our bliss and have never bothered to look at it from the other side… What is it that the knight in shining armour that we so madly desire and that is risking his all truly seeking for his valour? Besides sex of course!!!…hmnnnn…super curious as usual 🙂

One thought on “the yin and yang mandala part 2”

  1. plz dont think am making a pun out of anything – he is seeking [not me, but that knight as we all have before us from tales and novels, not sure if the knight that snatched you up on to his white charger ever fit the physical characteristic] a romantic candlelit dinner in a dimmed, rich, trimmed brocaded inn of rough hewn yet varnished wood with a fireplace of crackling logs and a oven aglow and red with glowing hardwood log embers.

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