anger v/s apathy

With all due respect to self help gurus who ask us to control our anger- i couldn’t disagree more.

Me thinks its better to be angry and express than be depressed and suppress. Anger is still a sign that we are alive and struggling for change.
Unquestioning acceptance more often a result of apathy and subconcious fear rather than spiritual wisdom

Better to get mad than get mad cow disease me thinks -hmnnnnn…u?

3 thoughts on “anger v/s apathy”

  1. Dont you think it is all situational? agree that showing your emotions is a primary sign of u r alive n kicking.But isnt this same emotional outbreaks that creates disturbances to our rythm of life? [Read relationship breakdowns] watsay?

  2. yes genuine anger which results from being meted an injustice has to be expressed though in a proper manner . It has been shown that suppressed affect your physical body and health .Only when the subconscious is clean of all toxic emotions you can live a proper healthy life .
    however you need to see that expressing anger may have its consequences if the otherside is not mature enough

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