Why are we so class conscious?

Yesterday at a friends dinner party, too hungry to wait for dinner to be served I went into the kitchen and asked the male cook ‘ Vegetarian main kya hai?”
To which he extended his arms out and said “Main hoon na” !!!

Shocked, i told him if he wasn’t an employee of my friend i would have slapped him and made myself a plate, putting on my most haughty and sophisticated expression.

I then proceeded to rant to the hostess about her servants audacity

But yet it got me thinking. Its was a harmless stupid joke. The kind i would have happily laughed off coming from any from anyone of a higher socio economic strata….(one hears cheesier and cornier lines all the time-)..Why are we so class conscious even as we go around preaching all human beings are equal kind of gyaan? :-)))…hmnnn…

9 thoughts on “Why are we so class conscious?”

  1. i doubt if a random stranger, no matter what socio-eco strata he belonged to, made a comment like this! you would have been okay ONLY if the said male was your friend and this kind of sense of humour was expected out of him. even an old friend who never says stuff like this randomly said this , could have surprised/upset/hurt you. this is so clearly a form of sexual harassment!

  2. Hi Nandini

    What your saying is right- i would have perhaps excused it from a friend if i knew him well

    But still me thinks this is more stupidity than sexual harassment . As is the case in most cheesy one liners and corny double innuendo lines constantly hurled our way and as women we should stop being intimidated by it 🙂

  3. you need to have thick skinned in this world .otherwise you will be fighting unnecessary battles losing out your true purpose

  4. sorry to be thick skinned … i meant if you are sensitive for all this harmless sexual harassment then you will not hav the energies left to focus on true harassment when it does come

  5. Graceful of you to point a finger at yourself.
    I have been in similar situations myself and learnt it.
    Tip if it happens again – in such a situation had you shared a laugh with him it would have made his day better.

  6. I think your reaction was correct. and please dont talk about equality. Its not equality everywhere. But I think the cook was not mature enough to know that his joke could mean differently if said to a girl(main hoo na).

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