Ganpati Bappa Morya Part 2

Y is everybody cribbing about the ganpati noise? The only reason Hindus get away with cribbing about their own religion is because of lack of threat for blasphemy.

Because the Hindu religion is too tolerant. Do these same people dare to complain about the azaans without threat of having their heads cut off? Tcch tcch… Or the christmas carols that one starts hearing mid december onwards. ( I am

 Hindu by birth though would rather write non applicable on any peice of paper that forced me to declare my religion.

The Ganpati festival is once a year for Gods Sake- y are we so intolerant of the revelry of the common man even while we expect our neighbourhood to put up with the noise of our birthday party or new years eve debauched noise levels dj flown down from europe america and all?? Y deprive the common Indian man/woman of his street disco while u think u are entitled to doing it in other hallowed spaces by virtue of having the means to spend truckloads of money more?

I love the noise of ganpati celebrations because its of its joyous revelry rather than than all the other awe inspired / fear based instances of worship that one is otherwise subjected to. Pray or u shall be damned kind of bunkum

There’s never been a friendlier God than Ganpati- why not dance with him?

Bring the dholaks on i say – I’m dancing with you. Ganbati Bappa Morya.

As for the nay sayers and party poopers- lets ignore them. Shattered windowpanes are less dangerous than scattered and lopsided for ones own convenience thoughts. As for scared pet dogs who u have to hold in ur arms bec of the ganpati noise!!! uff- snobbery at its worst- may i suggest a visit to the poor mans home who you despise for dancing to the ganpati beat. The sound of your one toilet flush that uses up gallons of water that could quench his entire villages thirst for a week is a far more offensive sound

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  1. Kudos to your thoughts on noise – the obscene ones that do not have decibels but express themselves in our actions and our total disregard for our surroundings and the environment! Suchitra I own one of the best background check companies in Mumbai and I am a big fan of yours. I like checking your blog from time to time. Take care.

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