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Got a question from one of the customers of

asking why our wicks are so thick.

The reason is simple- the wicks we use are specially customized for us. To create an even melt pool of wax in the quickest and mo

st efficacious way.

These are not regular candles but Aromatherapy candles, and it is necessary for the properties of the essential oils to be released into the air in their full potency in the shortest time possible keeping safety in mind.

If you find the flame too large- please trim the wick. Instructions are clearly mentioned at the bottom of the tin- wicks should never be burnt over 1/4th of an inch.

And the aroma from pure therapeutic grade essential oils that The Candle Light company uses is mild (compared to the boomerang placebo effects of its synethetic counterparts)

The healing impact of essential oils effect us gradually over a period of time. If you expect the insomnia candle to knock you out like a drug it wont- it will merely ease you into a restful sleep and you will wake up refreshed

And the lose weight candle wont make you skinny overnight either. But it will assist in complementing your own efforts by sending a message of satiety or fullness to the limbic system of your brain which will help you control your food intake. slowly but surely 🙂

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