Though i love to see my face in the papers its sometimes upsetting that the Indian media reports everything i do (read my new venture www.thecandlelightcompany.com ) as a result of my acting career not taking off .A choice i made at 22 with no regrets whatsoever.

All i crave is a creatively fulfilling life .There have been several other press reports that i’ve not bothered to upload because they harp on a one sided agenda of the pain of my scattered life rather than the merit of my candles 🙂 To set the record straight – The only films i have acted in after my voluntary retirement since marriage and blissful motherhood 🙂 have been movies made by friends who have asked me to be a part of their movie because i perfectly suited the part- and not because i went chasing roles or had any desire for stardom or the limelight. I outgrew that a long long time ago Not fair guys- cut me some slack- I’m an artist- the sensitive kind! :-))))))).

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  1. it is the angst of some few individuals who mostly want to rub it in thinking you are in sorry plight, when actually several springboards to [not necessarily public limelight] deep fulfilling happiness of business venture or artistic aspirations may be coming to fruition. By the way, is there a way for you to try out distributing your wares through indian ethnic stores or say have a relative or associate hold stock here and advertise on say amazon [with the fact mentioned in your monthly posts].. am sure the bulk shipment costs to the usa for such a venture will be equal to your setup costs with fedex/ecommerce provider etc

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