Gosh! Axiss Dental sound like butchers not Dentists!

Concerned with my friend Chanda Narangs silence for weeks on end – i panicked and started calling her and everyone incessantly to know if she had been abudcted by aliens or something , and was still alive!.

This is the message she sms’d me this morning, as she is still barely able to speak

“Sorry for silence. All not well. During Root canal of lower wisddom tooth on 31st July, the Dr carelesslly cut/lacerated the skin upto the bone. After staunching the blood, he forget the cotton swab inside. Infection from the tooth spread and skin formed an abscess, burying the cotton further in. Spirit on the swab burnt away the skin, to the jaw bone. The abscess cut and drained; infected tooth had to be pulled out by another dentist; swab recovered; dead tissue cut off; dead jaw bone disinfected and dressed. 3 weeks of heavy antibiotics and painkillers. Now the jaw bone will be cauterised cause the skin is not forming over it”

This procedure was done at Axiss Dental -Delhi Cantt By Dr Sandeep Sharma

www.axiss.dental.com – claiming to offer world class dental services in India!

The Gall!!!  Is this what happens when the medical profession gets greedy and employs butchers instead of doctors and dentists  in their need to franchise, expand and rake in the bucks?

Gosh! Chanda is in agony.

Axiss Dental should not be allowed to get away with this

One thought on “Gosh! Axiss Dental sound like butchers not Dentists!”

  1. Really horrifying to read about this incident. Must have been so painful for her.
    Such doctors should be taken to court & their degree should be ceased.

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