The Anna Hazare Tamasha

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Am glad to see the Anna Hazare farce die down. We live in a democracy- & i refused to swallow the ‘my way is the only right way’ regressive bigotry disguised as gandhism being shoved down our throats day after day, night after night months on end.

Glorified by the herds of indian media too afraid to take a contradictory stand to what seemed fashionable news of the moment. Leadership cannot afford intolerance of the opposite or other point of view- and in my view Anna’s aspirations were more political than utopian. I am glad to see him go

24 thoughts on “The Anna Hazare Tamasha

  1. But you supported it in some previous write up in September .

    I think it was the public mood at the year end . All were tired and wanted to relax . But one cant deny that every one supports him, though they didnt turn out,in his struggle against the government which is shirking from its duty to bring a powerful Lokpal which can tranform the international image of India from a corruption tolerant country to a corrupt free economy.Every citizen has a right to have political ambition.

    It was the Government under directions of Mr Rahul Gandhi which was trying to push its version of Lokpal down everyones throat . It should show some concern for the common man on whose name it got elected because it is the common man who suffers the most from corruption in the system which is also responsible for rupee devaluation and spiralling of prices .

    Whatever his ambition he asked for a strict Lokpal which can investigate and prosecute corrupt and transform our corrupt system. He didnt ask to give up the lives of our MPs.

    Once again what ever may be his hidden intention we should support for a stricter independent Lokpal rather than a Lokpal which has its arms tied up and unable to prosecute the higher ups. Any way his struggle hasnt gone entirely wasted. We atleast have a skeleton of Lok pal which has been lying in cold storage for 42 years . Further struggle should be on adding muscle to the Lokpal

  2. When you cant come out with a solution by taking a contradictory stand what is the use of taking a contradictory stand except to shock others and making them your enemies . Try to control whatever comes out from your mouth………………..

  3. well Moron. Anna Hazare’s power is his own conviction- by which he managed to sway the hordes though he was a man of very limited wealth. My reference to him in that post was in to totally different context which you have obviously not understood.
    You are a moron no doubt. I rest my case

  4. Why are you posting this warning in this post .It should be in the previous one .In this post I just suggested as a well wisher.

    In the previous post I just retorted to your poking fun at me.

  5. Moron , ‘take it easy…..make it easy’ friend.
    If not as a person or individual (or thoughts) , at least yu can
    give some respect to Suchitra maam as yr elder or fr wht she has achieved in her life (which millions of ppl dream of-money,fame, talent& guts to fight it through……but cant) or simply ‘se its her blog.She din invite any one of us .Whoever is here on this blog , is by his/her will.We all found something worth looking upto in her , thts y we are here friend.
    Just read the language that yu use in yr posts here & words that yu use fr Suchitra maam. Please Sir , its a request.
    lets have simple fun here ….no sarcasm, no hitting below the belt ,’se in our daily lives these kind of thgs r quite common.
    If yu dnt ustd or like a post , simply dnt respond to it !

  6. She may be a celeb 4 u 2 worship,diefy etc etc. For me she is just a contemporary human being …….on this planet ………..

  7. the point is the high drama and hype associated with the
    so called protest.peple came in truckloads..who suppled
    them? very honest people?heavy amount was paid for
    getting the ground?who gave the money?so many reporters
    came to cover the did they know such a turn up
    will be there? were they also shown honest hospitality?
    paid gangs and people with no occupation, people who
    want to watch the tamasha constituted the ‘support’.
    did any ordinary commoner address the huge gathering?
    this country has crores of people living.why did anna not
    begin his circus in maharashtra?
    and what happened when he attempted it?
    no one individual can force his views and hold the
    nation to ransom.
    let anna hazare start an all india party and seek members.
    He will know where he stands.
    corruption starts at lower levels.bribing the municipal
    employee,the corporator,the police constable and other
    govt servanta are done from below.
    It is the commoner like you and me who are at the ottom
    of this pyramid.
    every person on the street must have the guts to expose
    the evil.go to RTO.go to Octroi naka,go to register your
    sale deed, anything that requires to be done as a routine
    has players who shamelessly demand and we mindlessly
    This is the root.Stop it long as you are willing
    to pay illegal grtification.this virus won’t die.For one
    politician or topcivil servant,there are millions at lower level
    who thrive on this.
    The problem has to be attacked at the root.Catching a few
    at the top is window dressing and hypocrisy.
    Both suchitra and moron should address these issues.
    Personal jibes are cheap satisfaction!
    even a monkey player attracts huge crowds!
    Anna had a stellar collection!

  8. corruption starts with the corrupt/greedy ,not at the lower level. Atleast the people at lower level might be having a reason to survive for them to accept bribe. But if the corrupt at higher level are given a free hand why shouldnt the people at lower level

  9. In a democratic country, there is, no doubt, right to freedom of expression. There is a way of expressing it.As if Anna Hazare is the only one who is interested in eradicating corrupion,he should not disrupt the law and order and the parliamentary sessions.As some one has suggested it, let him contest for election and represent the people.No one prevented himIt is sheer craving for publicity. It looks very pathetic.Fasting is good for health. Let him fast and continue his tamasha.

  10. I am neither a critic nor a supporter of Anna but what a guy!! a country of a billion awaken, may be atleast for a span of time. Whatever his ways are, we all want a corruption free nation. And that’s the bottom line.

  11. Our legal system/ACB/Central vigilance/CBI is like the antivirus where as the corrupt are like virus. mWhen virus controls the antivirus will antivirus protect the system and keep it clean and effective . Anna & Co want to update the antivirus by demanding a powerful and effective Lokpal .the viruses like PC,Dick Singh and MounMohan coterie are obstructing it by playing mindgames

  12. When Moun Mohan can be a PM why cant Anna .He too has built his village from Ashes .Laloo the unpun was a productive railway min who could make it turnaround and profitable.Why cant Anna transform the corrupt system………

  13. And there are some agents like Miss X speaking on behalf of viruses . And there is one and only one saviour the Neo Moron called Anna Hazare in this Matrix of Corruption

  14. It’s difficult to find educated people iin this particular
    subject, but you seem like you know what you’re talking about!

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