Kasaa Kaai V/s Kasab

Kassa kaai is Mumbai slang meaning ‘wassup’ in Marathi. Kasab is of course the face of the 26/11 terror attack in my city.

I considered calling this post Pandu v/s Paki but that would be rude na?

12 thoughts on “Kasaa Kaai V/s Kasab”

  1. Suicide is a easy escape and become a ghost because one who suicide breaks the Laws of nature, consequently he become a ghost until his real termination of life arrives. Be careful the frustrated beings………

  2. Sorry Analogy should have been Suchitra V/s Moron. (because she is the one threatening me to deny the constitutional right of freedom of expression.If she finds it distasteful she is free to delete because she is all the powerful controlling the keys to this site)

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