The dirty picture…

Just saw The dirty picture.A film that pushes the envelope, socks you in the face and gives it to you as it was back then in the eighties. No sugar coating. no apologies- just entertainment, entertainment entertainment. And Vidya Balan- OMG-how fantastic are you in the film. Never has sleaze looked so superb. Hats off to you and Ekta and the entire team . You guys have rocked it πŸ™‚

21 thoughts on “The dirty picture…”

  1. Suchitra seems to have experienced cognitive resonance after watching dirty picture . I dont have any time for that falthoo pic

  2. all great literature shocks you out of your complacency!
    so does this movie.
    one should not judge why vidya balan has done it.
    ask yourself whether she has done it properly.
    the answer is Y E S!
    It is repulsive,it makes some angry, a few dirty
    and a few others throw up!
    such is the effect. The irony is it tells us how men make use of
    women and have the temerity to scoff at “dirty” women!
    what hypocrisy!

  3. well i dont have any sympathy for the character who had dirty values, who misused sex as a tool to climb up in her proffession. Rather than how many male hypocrats who might have preyed on her flesh Suchitra should balance it with how many people she might have abused to enjoy a life of pleasure which snapped under under its own weight

  4. Moron I don’t think suchitra is complimenting the morals of the characters – but the movie and performance of vidya balan

  5. Your morals seem to match the hypcrites of the movie also. On one hand you say its cheal and on the other hand you are talking so cheaply to nisha
    Why are you not baNning these cheap comments suchitra? Shey are spiling your blog

  6. Lalithji

    What is the hypocrisy in asking her no. If she is interested she will respond. I didnt harass her . I thought may be our wavelengths match, since she took my comment as a compliment. Its just games people play just like chess ………..

  7. i dont understand why u r hurt/objection when miss nisha as well as suchitra didnt object. Seems u r jealous of me getting attention of the ladies…………. πŸ™‚

  8. Well I was born in eighties and cant relate to the film , I mean I feel a cognitive dissonance of the theme of the pic

  9. I can also see from Suchitras comments that she is desperate to find work.May be she is giving message to Ekta and team that she wants to work with them by praising them .Can only say that every dog has its day.Sometimes you may not get what you want. Wish you all the best Suchitraji.

  10. what moron is writing confirms that he justifies his name.
    no more comments..what comes out of gutter always

  11. dirty picture character is greedy and has bad moral values

    Sadly history reveals that each generation has those that are attracted to power and influence over others. These are the people who seek out positions of control, whether it be in politics, financial institutions , movies or the defense forces. Inevitably their greed for money and/or power leads to acts of unthinkable selfishness that is incomprehensible for the average person going about their daily life. I am a baby boomer but like many of my generation I endeavour to live my life in moderation, helping those I can, whether it be my family, friends or community through my work or acts of charity. I still believe in peace, love and happiness. We ordinary baby boomers have helped the economy by working hard and paying our taxes throughout our lives. It will be no surprise to me if the generations to follow suffer their own share of greedy & corrupt politicians,movie makers,artists and financiers – it’s the dark side of human nature.

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