18 thoughts on “kaveri’s card for me”

  1. Very Nice!
    Suchitra Ji, I am a die hard fan of yours. Your acting in “Kabhi Haan.. Kabhi Naa” is really awesome! So innocent character you have played. Could you please come back in the remake of “Kabhi Haan.. Kabhi Naa” with Shah rukh.
    Thank You. May God bless you.

  2. wonderful description by

    k kind
    a adorable
    v versatile
    e energetic
    r robust
    i intelligent
    how do u like this?
    love u kids

  3. kaveri u should have put regal
    for r.there is no sense in respective
    in this context.
    a very good effort for ur age!

  4. Thank u kaoundnya- i did ask her about respective

    what she meant was respected- just confused the two words 🙂

  5. First of all , happy belated birthday Suchitra maam.
    These type of things proves the saying that the ‘greatest joys of life lie in smallest of things’ .Little gestures like this help you forget all the pain , difficulties of the life .
    Maam , actually I was expecting a post on Mr. Dev Anand as , if I am correct , he was Mr. Shekhar’s uncle .

  6. Thank you Zeeshan

    Yes Dev Anand was Shekhars mama (mother’s brother) but i never interacted much or knew him well enough to write about him –
    though i do salute his fearless and wonderful life and the fact that he has left so much behind for the world to remember him by.
    God bless his great soul

  7. Hi Suchi,
    The card is absolutely adorable. I am your old friend from the IT quarters-wonder if u remember me.
    Kavya is beautiful-I like to read your blogs every once in a while-Hope you will keep in touch,
    Still rememeber some of the good times we had together.
    With best wishes,

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