14 thoughts on “Happy New Year”

  1. Good evening Suchitra maam ,
    Thanks & same to you.
    May GOD shower his blessings on you & yr beloved ones.
    and give you the peace & well being .

  2. happy new year!
    one’s life is in one’s own hands!
    it is one’s action,reaction or non-action
    that has a say!
    not the rest of the world!
    pause and think!

  3. I have a question on this new year???

    Why has Suchitra been ever Suchitra Krishnamoorthy ????

    Why she didnt ever remove Krishnamoorthy and added her husbands name when she was married ???which is usually the norm when any lady gets married

  4. Though its irrelevant because she is now a bachelor mother now . But sometimes my mind flashes some electric ideas which is hard for me to keep inside ???

  5. Hi moron. Your thoughts and notions are a bit?!!! surprising. We are living in 2012- time to move away from such regressive attitudes

    What norm? whose norm?

    If you are married please convey my sympathies to your wife Mrs Moron.

    If you are not married i offer my condolences to your to be bride. Cheers

  6. The Earth revolves around the Sun not viceversa.

    In return please offer my condolences to Mr.Suchitra Krishnamurthy, either ex present or future…………hahahaha

  7. Then Why did you marry??? isnt it regressive ………..hahahaha ( you should have slept with the man you wanted to live and have conceived instead of getting married and concieved the child …the new age relationship ………….)

    You seem a paradox .May be you wanted to possess the man so you married but you didnt change your surname because you wanted a separate identity ………….

  8. My direct question :: Did you use marriage as a tool to demarcate / tell other women to not approach my possession (husband) ???

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