17 thoughts on “Everyone’s a genius”

  1. i felt electrified by this comment suchitraji!
    i was thinking lowly of my multifarious gifts
    or the lack of a few.
    now i will concentrate only on what i know
    well,or think i know well, and try to hone them
    to perfection.

  2. you are a stupid (before you can say or judge others as stupid) to believe that a fish can climb a tree . so you are not eligible to judge others because you dont have the capacity ……………..

  3. those who have not understood the subtility of the saying , they are really morons They are unable to see the inner meaning of it.Keep it up morons.It is good for health agorachrysays! I like your honesty and adaptability. Keep it up.

  4. How come this realization dawned on you ?????

    I mean did anyone ,your mum or pa, expect you to become PM of India or President of USA instead of an artist ………………..

  5. suchitraji’s comment must be seen in proper
    perspective.It is not about the ability or its lack
    to swim by the fish at all.it is about the perception
    of the fish by oters.if they have to judge it
    can’t from a negative and faulty angle.
    it should be judged on the basis of its
    performance on its inherent qualities and
    not on the judge’s standard of judgement.
    it is as such a very keen and wise observation!

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