My best friend in the world

Was delighted to find my best friends profile on facebook this morning. Didn’t know she too was on the social network 🙂


NAME: Suchitra Krishnamoorthi

NICKNAME: Kewl chicklet

HOBBY: playing with tigers and lions

MY RECORDS: fought with elephant and broke its neck, jumped over a giraffe in high jump competition

GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT: skating in volcano (June 2003)

MEANEST THING EVER DONE: swimming to safety in Tsunami without rescuing fellow drowner

MOST EMBARRASING MOMENT: could not kill 40 tigers in one punch

PROUDEST MOMENT: when the deadliest cobra died after biting me.

So be proud and happy that i”m your friend

(Suchitra only shares some information with everyone. If you know Suchitra, add her as a friend or send her a message)

30 thoughts on “My best friend in the world”

  1. Wiseman. – u obviously lack a sense of humour and definitely a brain. You definitely need to stay away from this blog or anything remotely intelligent
    Your comments are pathetic and display a very poor understanding a low iq brain. Take care

  2. Suchitra – why don’t you ban idiots like wiseman and yash etc – seems like they have nothing better to do than criticize.
    Your fans come to your blog eagerly – but. People lIke them spoil the mood

  3. i agree with vidhi
    wisemans comments are way off the mark and spoil the fun
    . what people say is very often a reflection of their own insecurities-even his comment on Jagmohan mundhra post was pathetic and way off the mark. he seems to keep talking about healing-
    no doubt needs it badly himself -AAT ha ha. he obviously just picks up andom links off the internet and tries to connect them to suchitra’s post

  4. I am not one like you to laugh at others problems. My comments were only directed to her because I thought it may help her . It was her discretion to allow it to post. May be she thought the article would help morons like vidhi and nisha tooooo

  5. Appreciate her sense of humour but not unrealistic expectations.

    Only those living in illusions can create such hilarious poems….. I was just trying to get to the roots of what caused her to be so and anything can help her……..

  6. Wiseman – thank you for your considerate comments.
    However i do not encourage personal criticism on my blog -of me or fellow commentors.
    Yash/Yashraj has already been banned for that reason

  7. I was just out of your box . I never thought it would seem as a criticism .You had a choice not to publish it if you felt it be so. I appreciate that you would not let other fellow commentators be crticised . But I would expect you to be unbiased ……as I am too a fellow commentator…….

  8. wiseman does not appear to be wise.
    he appears oterwise!he or (SHE?) seems
    himself very tense and fragile needing
    some care.he needs medical assistance

  9. Hi, I have been a fan right from “Dole Dole” days and it still remains a favorite video. Been on your blog before.

    This post is amusing, though why your wanting to kill tigers (40 at that) and breaking elephant necks is kind of unlike you.. (though I do not qualify or intend to judge anything). The best was the cobra thing.. more like the Rajnikanth jokes you get to hear.

    Wish you were more regular on your posts.

    Best wishes

  10. wiseman is surely wiser than wise . i agree with him and the quote on the animal angels foundation website that : That there is no psychiatrist in the world than a puppy licking your face – Ben Williams.

    Thanks for the article on Animal Assisted Therapy.

    Adti liked cute emoticon.

    I would like to add to the above quote : That there is no psychiatrist in the world than a puppy licking your face or cute baby laugh at you

  11. wiseacre likes anil! he is the opposite of wiseman!
    wiseacre likes wiseman also.wiseman is misdirecting
    his energy! he has some inner hurt crying to speak out!

  12. anil should try to expand his grasp since
    he displays haste and immaturity at first
    touch.there is no thought preceding
    his outpour.surely he will grow if he just
    changes attitude.wiseman notices morons
    and anil takes foolishness in one sweep.
    lokoh binna ruchihi!!om shanti

  13. Hi Suchitra.
    How r u
    I am logging on your blog after so many days.Its great to read your blog.Hope you are doing good.

  14. I would really love to be able to submit an article to you that you could possibly publish on your blog….
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    I do sell these Electronic Cigarettes (e-cigs) but I do have a genuine concern and desire to inform people of a much healthier smoking substitute!

    I look forward to your reply.
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    Redge Perrin

  15. this is what happens with paranoid people as they cant trust anyone and feel themselves caged and want to break free but tied down because of unknown burden of debt/obligations ………..

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