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  1. moron dear u jump in space and tim with acrobatic
    ease but flounder in civility. this makes me sad.
    thanks for the link provided.is speed of light constant
    and still the same now?or was einstein not aware of this
    situation in his lifetime,
    is it possible that things might change over periods in an expanding
    universe? not necessarily from only einstein’s time?
    i wonder and would like to await further publications
    of the new research.
    thanks i have nothing personal against you.
    you have perhaps a keener mind than mine!
    not a better tongue!!

  2. civility or hyposrisy breaks down under intense focus when you see it/speak it as it is rather than hide under the garb of culture et al . What Einstein was aware was ahead of his time . What is happening now is ahead of what we know or think . We need to accept we just dont know ……….though we think otherwise

  3. Its not possible for things to change rather its the perception of things that changes over a period of time …

  4. you may have good civil tongue but its just a garb for shallowness to gain something from the other . you are not kind and dont have a sense of justice rather you would like to take the middle road and afraid to take the side of justice

  5. when nature enforces spartan simplicity for the bare necessities there is no room for learned manners,luxury/learned leisure (except among the priests) and no time for development of aestheitic refinements to please other rather than fight the practicalities of life

  6. the advantage lies rather in development of self reliance,courage,stern simplicity,a rough straight forwardness,a sense of social equality and consequently pride in the dignity of man as man

  7. those people living under the garb of civility can nothing more or less be called as professional beggars/hangers living luxuries off the money of others

  8. again the same arrogance,same conceit,same self illusion!
    god save this super brat. he appears to have risen in life
    from beggar hood unable to shake off the past suffering!
    civility is a mark of culture,of better breeding and lineage.
    ruffianism has its roots in inferiority complex that uses
    brashness as a veil for courage!
    education should bring about humility not superciliousness
    and incorrigibly bad manners of which you are a notable
    example.if u keep boiling you will burn yourself!
    then i will sadly miss u! you seem to imply that u have
    lot of money yourself! hope it is not ancestral!!

  9. again the same false illusion of civility when its nothing other than grabbing/begging for others money.

  10. if you call education as mugging of details and civility rather than moulding the inner character then its a farce one just to climb the social echelons of power

  11. ruffianism has its roots in inferiority complex that uses
    brashness as a veil for courage!

    you mean civility has its roots in superiority complex . brashness is raw courage not a veil unlike civility which is a veil for rotten soul/heart/mind . Wine is made from rotten grapes and deludes the senses unlike raw pounded rice which contains essential nutrients which looses when polished ………..

  12. choose a path between devil and god . You would say nonalignment ………because devil fulfils your passions … wine,money and …….

  13. if u keep boiling you will burn yourself!
    then i will sadly miss u. no need to be sad because i am like the phoenix and have the power to resurrect myself ………..

  14. i think one can get very good wine by crushing
    you moron! u seem to consider yourself highly
    ‘educated’ and are spilling wisdom all around.
    keep something for your old age.
    in the meanwhile it may not be too late to seek some
    psychiatrist’s help for urself.
    the psychatrist may despair but still worth a try.
    beggars.money and living on other people’s money
    seem revolving obsessions that need some cure.
    these thoughts may be carried forward from your
    previous birth.
    Neither god nor the devil can rescue u!
    bye i shall go back in space on other missions.
    au revoir!
    half baked food is highly harmful.

  15. seems frustrated after getting busted in the front and back . go back have vodka and mug off mr. devil chrysalis .

  16. i heard the same kind of abuse a while ago…Mayawathi suggesting julian assange to be put in a mental asylum or come to agra to get psychiatric treatment . You seem to be a partner of Mayawathi in her occult criminal corrupt activities deriving income by cooperating with her or holding her corrupt money

  17. what you call arrogance and conceit is actually self respect .please correct the power of your reading glasses

  18. thanks for ur sanctimonios advice.my friend
    hakuna yokhahama is a sumo wrestler living
    closeby.he is a reputed psychiatrist who has
    treated worse cases than yours.
    he will soon knock on your door.be prepared!

  19. people with self respect will respect others
    equally.you are under an illusion that inferiority
    complex is self respect.that’s why every comment
    u make carries flames and ignites.this may lead
    to self destruction.
    go to mayavati’s up and make your comments
    you won’t be seen again!

  20. what can i expect from some one whose secrets i have have leaked and whose face is blackened due to exposure of his intentions ………….

  21. i know u are afraid thats why u want others ,your friend yokohama, to fight on behalf of you . while at same time enjoying vodka and maintaining a pleasing exterior as if you are kind and cultured person though you dont even know the meaning of both………..

  22. agora chrysalis is another Georgios A. Papandreou holding the world to ransom because of his indecisive moronic attitude and calling for a referendum when not required just to preserve his postion while showing himself as the democratic person .

    true democracy is acting on behalf of collective interest rather than just holding superficial referendum. Why is he not holding a referendum whether people want him to continue as prime minister . I think the US and Nato should act and bombard him while he is fulfilling his passions and relieve greece of this democratic dictator

  23. Hey friends , why do you turn a fun blog into a
    matter to fight over ?
    A person reading these comments actually forgets what the blog was about ….hehe
    So please keep your cool ‘se I dont think the blogger
    would appreciate all this ……

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