Emotional Atyachar

I’m a bit old fashioned in my taste for entertainment and have therefore always been aghast at the sadistic voyeurism of reality television that cashes in and makes a mockery of another’s pain.

The moral bankruptcy of shows like sach ka saamna and the Jerry Springer show -that strip the participants and those in their lives of every ounce of dignity for cold hard cash  have actually made me giddy and nauseous

But last night in spite of my aversion to the concept of real time drama i found myself rivetted to an episode of Emotional Atyachar on Bindaas- the tag line of saving peoples lives from a larger blunder was brilliant , and the host’s performance aptly alternating between empathy and aggression was perfect. The story was… (i’m assuming its true)

Girl meets boy in gym in Dehradun-they fall in love
Boy (who is a gym instructor) wants to move to Mumbai-she follows with parents consent and financial blessings
Girl starts to suspect boy of straying_ comes to Emotional Atyachar for help.
Emotional atyachar team wire  up decoy sexy chick with hidden cameras and microphone.

Shortly and surely boy falls into decoys trap-flirting idiotically and putting down girlfriend from Dehradun in order to get into decoy’s pants. His rants as unimaginative and text book as ever “my girlfriend is so possesive she dosent let me breathe. She dosent understand me.Your so cool-like a breath of fresh air
“no we have broken up- our being together is just a formality that’s going to end soon”
Its obvious his pants are on fire and so the brain has gone dead

Girl from Dehradun-seeing her boyfriend insult her over and over again, cries, curses and lands up with cameras to catch boyfriend redhanded with cameras at restaurant where he is wooing the decoy (the fact that there was not a single person present in the restaurant other than boy and decoy and camera team seriously made me doubt the authenticity of the expose but… thats not the point of this blog so..

Boyfriend from Dehradun looks suitably surprised- apologizes profusely  saying he loves only girl from Dehradun and no one else blah blah.

When girlfriend not buying any of that bull and sucumbing like the vulnerable sucker she has obviously been all along -boy turns aggressive. Threatens her that she has made a mistake and abuses her for creating  a tamasha that his whole family back home would be watching. Yells at her for shaming him

and it got me wondering… (Attack is afterall an amygdaloid response- a sureshot sign of defence)

Why is the cheat always more afraid of being caught and losing face in the eyes of others rather than pondering about the morality of  his/her actions itself?

Is morality really such a relative term -so different for each one of us? Or is it a common consciousness that exists in all of mankind that separates the human from the animal?

After all dogs and vultures feel no guilt-then why do we?

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  1. wiseman since you are so smart and wise why don’t you start your own blog? and spare us?
    because no one here is interested in your gyaan

    lalit mohan you are right-wiseman needs to change his name to duffer

  2. you are free to delete my comments as well as ban me as nisha wants . I wouldnt be hurt as its what others want a lively humorous blog though a superficial one

  3. So true, I so miss the innocence and creativity television serials and programmes offered earlier. thoug I’m not too old to compare generations but 10 years ago people cherished and enjoyed good shows. All that is shown these days is the “not so good” side of the human.

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