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  1. a lovely picture!look at the attraction between parents
    and offspring!May this last a lifetime!god bless you!!

  2. someone else is misusing my identity.parents and daughter
    and gypsy alone are my remarks.
    suchitraji u better ban wiseacre from your blog.
    i don’t want some shameless cheat to usurp my

  3. Hello wiseacre

    people use whatever names they like- as long as the comments are not offensive i have no reason to ban anyone.

  4. Have you got some patent to use wiseacre as identity .Its a general name . If you apply for a patent they will think as otherwise


  6. amazed at your adaptability suchitraji . till day before yesterday you swore hatred and went on adventure alone to himalayas now reunited . was all that real ???????

  7. bill the dog lied after being caught after having sex with monica .then hillary ignored all his shortcomings to become the secretary of state . or is that Mr Gandhi that lusty old man branded as father of india experimented sleeping between two women nakedly . Destryed Mrs Gandhi and whole family.Just dont understand the inertia these people in India have praising that man who blackmailed the british ignoring those those who really fought and gave their lives .had it not been the catstrophic world war we would never had been liberated as have been numerous other countries because britain understood it too would have become a colony and suffered . We praise the moron called Gandhi hahaha

  8. hi moron

    Gandhi was a man of the hour no doubt- but it was his vision and stubbornness that got india feeedom

    as for his sleeping between two women – the world only knows that because he admitted it himself in his memoirs. those two women were his neices apparently – he wanted to know if he has managed to control the sexual urge

    it takes guts for someone to admit such a shameful act himself

    – humans err -god is never wrong

    and if TRUTH IS GOD – who are we to judge

  9. i love your name btw

    for all the wisemen and duplicate wiseacres on this blog- the moron talks the most sense 😉

  10. gandhi for me is always a blackmailer jerk and cheat … He only revealed things which can make him great ….but still if you think deeply he was lusty old businessman . because of his stupid beliefs he forced his wife not to accept surgery when she was bleeding (he cant impose his beliefs on others.no one would ask if he experiments on him self).he was only a good gujrathi baniya ,sound business sense, and understood that withholding the overseas business he can presure/blackmail the british empire. But he withdrew whenever it became violent. Dont know if it was for his own.Because britishers would have tolerated only to a certain extent.otherwise he too would have been dumped in an unknown island /eliminated .What he left was a land of people with no self respect and full of inertia …………if you really think was there any india if it was not united by british and the catastrophe of the world war which liberated/created many nations not only india. But why do we only credit the charlatans like Gandhi and the power hungry Nehru who built a kind public image called chacha Nehru. God only knows the kind illicit things they have done ………….

  11. britishers could have eliminated Mr.Gandhi if they thought it would keep india under their rule . But they knew they were tired ruling the world and taking their burdens (the administration under british was efficient and noncorrupt. we travel almost by the same tracks/railways built by britishers and some of the structures they built are still working where as the ones built by us collapse in few days) and wanted take rest as well as take care of issues at home as well as the bounty they recieved after the world war which was too much to handle.They went only when they wanted to go not that they were forced by Mr.Gandhi

  12. Mr.Buddha,

    would he(the great father/god father of the great indian republic) have been happy if kastur ba gandhi too experimented the same sleeping naked between two men and revealed it in her autobiography???????
    What would he have done if britishers too launched a strike , a fasting by serial proffessional faster to counter the disturbance he was creating ………hahahahaha

  13. Please stop making his statues and putting them at junctions …useless expenses similar to other useless things we see in India like worshipping the statues/showy display of big big statues while we see many poor and hungry starve where as the spineless government wants to rot the grains but not distribute them

  14. atleast they can send the aid to somalia so that india’s reputation improves and we get UN security council seat that our politicians aspire though they are not willing to do their part to the international community

  15. who is this moron? I am sure he must be a real moron.With zero intelligence and knowledge,only a moron can blabber about our country’s national movement and its leaders etc.like this.Become a Histoty Professor and attend some conference and blabber like this. You will win laurels. That is the proper platform for you to express your perverted feelings. Keep it up, moron

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