wealth and power

One is as rich and powerful as they think they are, or more importantly how much they allow themselves to be.

Nobody can deny us our inner resources  unless we choose to squander or surrender it.

5 thoughts on “wealth and power”

  1. This is a bizarre notion open to debate.
    wealth and money are very important
    to possess or go after.mere inner feeling
    borders on conceit and self deceptive.

  2. Wealth and power are relative terms
    People are different – its easy to talk like this for somebody like you Suchittra-will the
    Poor common man on the street think this way? Where is the power in his poverty?

  3. hi vidhi

    lets think Anna Hazare for a minute shall we? perhaps we could get a different perspective on what i am talking about

  4. Poor common man need not necessarily be on streets.If he has good health and responsible and dutiful mind he can be equally or more powerful than a wealthy man who has no values in life.inner resource has nothing to do with wealth or poverty. It depends upon the individual who possess it

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